Secret Agent Video winner :: Tutorial



CGSociety’s XXIVth CGChallenge ‘Secret Agent’ proved to be the most amazing topic. The results were astounding, the winners gracious, and all the entrants really threw everything into their work. Aurelien Rantet sent in the story of how he constructed the ‘Individual Video Master Award’ winning entry ‘Run for the Artifact’. Click the image.




Indeed, loved the overall look, the camera and the overall plot. Also had to smile several times and liked the subtle irony in several scenes. The motions were sufficient to make the whole thing entertaining. Great work for a one man show!


Love this short!
The whole anticipation comes down to vacuum cleaner :smiley:
Great read as well.


Great work Mister !

thank you for sharing



Brilliant short, very cool designs, worthy winner!

Cheers to everyone who participated.


That was very funny. Great job. The lighting was pretty awesome. I thought that ship was gonna blow that guy to smithereens. A cleaning appliance, lol.


Great Stuff! I really like the style :thumbsup:


Thanks for this. Nice article and inspiring short! :slight_smile:


This is really well done. I like the style for sure.
I look forward to seeing where he goes career-wise.



The plot and animation is great. Love the atmosphere and the humor. Well executed. Congrats on a good job. :slight_smile:


Congratulations Paul a spectacular job! :slight_smile:


My biggest compliments for your wanderful work.




A great viewing with a nice snappy punchline, couldn’t ask for more.

Best use of Windows Pinball ever. :smiley:


very good work mate. I love the way the little box robot gets shot and falls down ha ha. Congratulations on a successful short film. :beer:


Great story telling, atmosphere, design, characters, all together: impressive.

Well done!



That was great!! the design its perfect and it is a cool concept to make something simple… but I really think that the animation needs more work.


I like the movie, from beginning to end. Form the main character is very likeable, he is funny ears.
In such a short history, you have connected some scenes very nicely. It’s good to play.
I like it.
History and addictive action laugh me.

One little thing is unclean. When the robot leaves the garage. Why at this moment? Coincidences are errors in the movies, so I think. You should see the signal that the base is an intruder. Robot must pick up the signal.

:slight_smile: you have talent.



In fact the animation would be better but don’t forget, he’s a french student with no professional experience in animation. i salute that because it’s a hard work. Besides technicals choices of the movie is a clever solution for decreasing the rendering time.

The choice of color is very appropriate and it’s true a little humor is always pleasant :wink:

Very good works Aurélien :slight_smile:

i am certain your super power is the french wine from Bordeaux :wink:
( avec modération :smiley: )


Knowledge of space and color, to determine the shortest path implementation, to capture a perspective that enhances the effect. All of this is the simple great talent. Even so, the agent character I like most.
Very interesting material, fantastic funny ufo-people.