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Just a quick doodle to get my idea down… Not very good at drawing on the wacom!
My agent is going to be disguised as a clown at a mob bossess daughters birthday party. thinking of a scene where he has shot up the place killing all the mob bosses but this is just a placeholder.
very busy with workso dont know if i will be able t fin.


Decided to not do the agent disguised as a clown as i think it would read like he is the villian. so i have desided to do something simple but high impact as their is not long left.
This is the concept for it. my secret agent has lost to the villian. the villian has killed the secret agents girl and sucedded in launchin the nuclear missile in the background. secret agent will be knelt over his girl in anger and sadness as the arch villian looks on mocking him.


Hey Will,

Nice to see you in other challenge :smiley:

I Like a lot your second concept. Like you say, simple but effective :smiley: the twist with the villian triumphing over the secret agent is really cool. Good luck and waiting for more updates! Cheers!! :beer:


a composition study. trying to lay down the emotion and impact


another composition… not sure yet


just a quick colour pass of previous composition to get more of an idea. too tired to continue tonight but not completley happy with it… any suggestions? all a bit quiet on my thread… could do with some help.


Nice concept.
And i supose this story without happy end. If it so then maybe involving villian in composition a bit more could be a good idea, like in early sketch.

Good luck!


Okay, since you asked I’m going to pitch :slight_smile:


  1. Villain’s main action is he has “Pressed the Button on a Remote”. The light on the button is ON… and the rocket has flown. You can use his right hand so that the audience can connect the two objects.

  2. The Villain is raving hysterically… eyes closed… Face in total anguished ecstasy.

  3. The Spy is forlorn at the loss of his love… cradling her with his left arm like you did. But his right hand is reaching for a gun on the floor… His eyes have turned to the triumphing villain. He is a mix of sorrow and revenge. His mind says: “At least I can send him to Hell”.

It’s an “everybody is going to lose” ending.

You like? :thumbsup:?


Demitsuri-yes not a happy ending… i know what u mean about the villian… struggling with him… the brief says have to do cool vehicles so he is in some flying machine in the background.

CGIPadawan- lol… everything you said is what i am actually doing although its not obvious yet. although he wont be reaching for his gun i dont think… the girl will have just given him some device to destroy the missiles in background before she died.

thansk for your comments


another composition… not happy with way its going… looks a bit boring to me


new concept here. the villian is high above his genetically warped monsters he has been experimenting with and he is hlding the secret agenst girl at gun point while the secret agent has to fight his way through the bohetmoths.


Another composition adding the genetically modifeied monsters to the dead secret agent girl.


think i am steering away from brief a bit here… having real trouble getting down an idea i like. i havent got any disguise,cool cars or devices in my idea so i may have to go away and think fresh.


Hey Will,

Nice sketches!! Like the genetical concept :smiley: Maybe you can try a some sort of secret agent more like a biologist or scientific, with organic weapons, devices and gadgets, only a silly idea :smiley: Waiting for more updates! Cheers!! :beer:


Hi… here is my concept for this challenge finally. quite simple. mafia guys in a strip bar and the stripper is the secret agent in disguise. she has a laser or somehting in her stillito heal and she kills the boss.
this is closer to the brief of gadgets and disguise etc. Having a hard time with this as its not something i usually do but deteremined to finish.


just added a bit of colour to get an idea… not sure about composition… needs to be more dynamic maybe. sticking with this idea though.


I would paint a pole for her to lean on if I were you :wink: That would also make it clear about where the scene takes place :slight_smile:


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