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Latest Update: Final Image: Goldie Locks And The Three Bears


soon to be sketches …


      Hey guys, 
                 this will be my first participation in cg challenges, i hope i'll do fine.
                 For a long time i wanted to do an illustration for "Goldie Locks and Three Bears", 
                 finally i have some spare time to do that, and i think i can fit the story concept into the "Secret Agent" challenge.
                     This is the story line the way i see it ...

The World famous POTATO POURAGE factory gets a anonymous tip of a “Mama Bears Home Made P.Pourage” that tastes so good, the sources say it may endanger the existence of their factory and brand.
After losing trace of six of their finest agents,
the board of directors sends agent “G” (aka Goldie Locks) to try infiltrate and steal the recipe for “MBHMPP”.
While The Bears are away, agent “G” sneaks into their home, finds the recipe but the problem suddenly appears …

  • 1/2 c cream cheese
  • 1 lb carrots, peeled
  • worcestershire sauce, souse
  • pepper
  • 6 tbsps tbsps hot sauce
  • 1 large onion
  • 5 lbs potatoes, peeled
  • 12 oz cream of chicken soup
  • 1/2 c sour cream
  • 1/2 c ranch dressing

In order to find out what the secret ingredient is, she starts tasting the pourages served on the table. They taste so good but she is unable to make out the secret ingredient part.
All of a sudden her eyes feel very heavy, she tries to fight it as long as she can, but eventually she drops on the bed near by.
After some time agent “G” awakes, and in that moment the missing pieces of the puzzle reveal the horror, that is her soon to be future …

    The bears are the ones responsible for the anonymous tip, bears are the ones who tricked agent "G" into tasting the pourage with the sleeping potion in it, and the secret ingredient, ... secret ingredients are secret agent body parts :P 
                This is the scene that I'll be working on.
         i thought that it would be fun if bear family were pandas instead of regular brown bears, this way the whole story can have the eastern kind of look :)
        Hope you like the idea,
                 Comments and critics are more than welcome.


i love it!, great style of illustration too. Look forward to this one :wavey:


I’m loving the style of the bears and your way of integrating what you wanted to do for a long time in with this challenge. Looking forward to your concept of Agent"G".

Good luck with the challenge.


great idea, laughed out lout when I saw your concept sketch and story. :slight_smile:

Keep going!


hehe, very funny and original.

Go for it and millions of hugs :slight_smile:


Is a great idea, very funny. 008 will think it twice before accept a mission in china.


Thx a million you guys, your feedback means a lot !!!
good luck to all of you in your concepts too.

this will be fun :slight_smile:


meet the family :):):slight_smile:

i’ve been sketching the faces of the bear family.
still have no idea how agent “G” should look like, … but she will come to me eventually.

hope you guys like them :stuck_out_tongue:


Love them, they look really great. I especially like Papa bear :slight_smile:


oooh, can’t wait to c more. I love the twist.

At first I thought of Kunfu Panda. so make sure y stay away from the likeness. :slight_smile:
But its starting to get a “little” more mysterious :slight_smile:


mama bear was to sketchie for the rest of the gang, so i spent some more time with her :slight_smile:

she is suposed to be cute but scary at the same time, hope i got it right …


You get it right and you know it :slight_smile:


smallone3d: i think it will be fine,
unless DREAMWORKS makes kungFU panda sequel and in this one the panda eats secret agents for supper :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, thx man :slight_smile:


Hey guys
here’s a little costume update:)

i’m gonna be out of the challenge for about a week or two,
have to finish up my final exams, i’m always doing everything in the last moment …

can’t w8 to return,
see you all soon


Those pandas are awesome!

Although there are some similarities with Kung Fu Panda. You know, pandas in Asia. I hope you don’t put noodle soup in there. If you do Dreamworks is going to send bunch of lawyers to your direction :curious:. Just keep the eyeballs and you’ll be fine.

Can’t wait to see how goldielocks is going to turn out. Best of luck!


such a great style :smiley: i love ur other pictures, so i cant wait for final result of this challenge. no critiques at all :slight_smile:


hey hey you! i´m also very glad you participating!

love your talent and your designs, your idea is really funny and the look of the characters makes me smile already, im following your entry, have huge fun and rock on!



Fantastic idea, to bad you have to postpone it. I will be waiting to see your next update.