Secret Agent Entry: Tom Hanssen


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Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: first idea


hi every one!! I’m new here and i’d like to join in on this challenge…


Hi i’m new here so be nice the first few post if thats cool

now my idea is to have a spy in a library searching for a book but when he pulls the first book out theres a evil dude standing on the other side with a gun to his head… ill make some thumbs and see how it works…

best of luck to every one!


this is my first sketch of tons to come hope you like.

sorry but how do you put a image up?


sorry!! didn’t get it yet


hay there im kinda new to this too. so welcome. if ur having problems on uploading like i did. u need to do it though the challange site. that way it goes on the first post and on the thumbnail in the forum.

like the concept idea, has great potensial. looking forward to the sketch.:thumbsup:


thanks so much!!! so this its it. so i no its not my first idea but ill post up the first idea soon.


so i was sketching a little and came up with this hope you like it!


so i’m going to go with the agent/spy kills the evil guy and the evil guys wife is at his died body when the spy puts a gun to her head.
or do i stay with my old one ill try both and see were they go.


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