Secret Agent Entry: Szymon Biernacki


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Latest Update: Final Image: Deception is the key

And a bigger one:


There’s not much time, but I hope I’ll manage to finish the piece. Here’s the sketch- not finished yet…


hello Szymon, there’s much time :wink: keep goin’ :beer:


i feel like you only.lets try finishing our piece :slight_smile: keep going


I’ve changed the background a bit and decided to put a secret agents banana-car instead of a guy in a banana suit which was my original idea. The decision was made when my friend showed me Bobby Chius entry for the Strange Behavior challenge and I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing something too similar…


I’ve done a quick test to see if the light is going to work.


Funny idea, and great expression so far on the gorilla! The perspective is effective, and the framing of the shot works great. THe only little crit I have is the one biplane whose wing is on a tangent with the bridge tower. Good luck with the rest! :thumbsup:


ha ha ,great image and a well elaborated concept!!! :cool:
good luck


If there is someone who knows how to draw a gorilla… that’s you! LOL
Looking hilarious!! :thumbsup:


Nice concept, very funny!

Powodzenia :slight_smile:


thats very very vey cool!

Love it! keep going!



Hey Szymon,

Just had to say that I love the banana Car, hahah, love the concept, cheers!


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nice work so far! with the impeccable technique you have this is gonna look great


Great idea!
Love the banana car LOL!


You love bananas, don´t you;)… and gorillas aswell! I can only agree with what everybody else said.

The following is no critique, but rather a reminder (advice) for your future progress:

If you manage to put the focal point of the picture on the banana-car, the piece will look very dramatic and exciting! Right now, when I look at the picture, it´s the funny expression of the gorilla, that captures my attention first, even though the car is yellow! That´s not a good thing, since the expression of the monkey is static and the whole picture should feel vibrant and moving! Also the gorilla shouldn´t be the focus of the piece!

If you put the driver of the banana-car in focus with your eyes… and concentrate only on him… that´s what i´m talking about! The theme is “Secret agent” and not “Funniest gorilla- moments” don´t forget that! When you show the finished piece to someone, you don´t want them to go: “Hey, funny gorilla! Ahhaahh… he´s chasing a little banana-car! Boy, is he dumb!”. You want them to say: “Funny car! -then take a second look, than laugh- it´s being chased by a gorilla! Now, that´s clever!”… That´s the reaction you want… or should I say: should want to provoke… in my opinion and understanding of “Secret Agent” at least:shrug::wink:

I wish you the very best, since this picture can- and I´m sure -will be a great one!!!:applause:


P.S.: Go Poland!:beer:


This is definitely one of the most original idea in this challenge and It’s a great trump. I’m waiting for the progress. Keep up the good work.


Hi there! I just wanted to tell you that my girlfriend and I had a really good laugh. Your gorilla/banana piece is hilarious. Although, it not clear how this is a “secret agent” themed piece, we really enjoyed it. My G/F also suggested that maybe the banana might be partially peeled. Kind of like, the gorilla got his hand on it, started to peel it, BUT it got away!


Ahhhh! The fearless secret agent jumps in his trusty banana car and leads the giant ape away. I love it!


Come on man! don’t you dare to drop the towel :slight_smile: is gonna look great…already does!


I’ve worked a bit on the background and changed the color scheme. I just wanted to add a bit of a retro feel to it. I think this image i easer to read being nearly monochromatic- the gorilla and the banana-car pop out from the background.
I’ll paint the gorilla and the car at the very end. Still have to deal with some cars, people and soldiers with tanks chasing the gorilla…