Secret Agent Entry: Stephane Brouty


I like how you’ve rearranged the bad guys at the bottom - That’s a lot more effective at filing in the space! :thumbsup: The mmd is feeling nice, but I especially love the interesting interplay of cool and warm colors that you get in the top and left half of the image. Personally, I’d love to see you bring more of that color down into the ground level of the place, as the greens and oranges set a nice mood and the clean whites are more emotionless and have less visual impact, imho. Good luck with the rest!


Software: Maya,mental ray,ZBrush

The European secret services tried to dismantle a bio-terrorism threat. They always failed because of their abilities to change their operating locations.
Some people says that they are implanted in several countries over the world.
They sent their best agent to investigate and eliminate the source. She has no ID as every member of the Agency , only her codename MOSQUITO is known from the rest of the services , raised and trained to serve the Agency as a bee , she stings and die.


Done !!!

I’m sure it could be improved , but at this stage , I kinda like the result and I rather prefer leave it like this instead testing and undo every minutes.

I want to thank everybody here , for all the unvaluable help and support you provided me during 8 weeks , and also a big thank to cgsociety for the best cg event.

Wish you all the best luck for the rest of the competition , a lot of gorgeous work out there , and I hope to see you all in a future one!

Massive hugs and best of luck and thx again !

cheers ,


EDIT : Woaaa , after all these years of failure , I finally finished one of those … next one I will proudly display another avatar :smiley:


[left]Hey Stephane! you’ve done an excellent job. Good luck to you too!!


Bravo! That’s a fantastic image. I love it. It works beautifully as a complete composition in low resolution and then rewards the viewer even more as you zoom in to those close-ups. It fits the theme perfectly too - summing up in a glance the whole secret agent genre and that achievement alone is mighty impressive. Your craft in modeling Mosquito has been wonderful too. Congratulations and good luck


Finally done :slight_smile: Great work my friend :thumbsup:


image looks really good man i’ve been watching you thread nice work :thumbsup:


congrats mon ami this is a moment the history will always remember when steph actually finished a challenge …it looks very awsome good luck with the judging :beer:


congratz my friend! nice color and tell the story itself without to explain, and glad to see you finished , and glad to see the new avatar too:beer::cool:


Fantastic! Those last tweaks of yours really made a difference - it really looks good now.
So, how does it feel to have finished? :slight_smile:
Now, go bottle up that champagne and start celebrate. Congrats!


Thx a lot friends ! :slight_smile:

@ Pencracker : thx man !

@ mdavid : thx a lot Mark for the kind words , really glad you like it !

@ MartinNielsen : hehe , thx a lot Martin !

@ shihar : thx man , glad you like it !

@ thebest : aha , mmh well I hope you will find time to finish one too in a further one :smiley:
Thx a lot for cheering !

@ monsitj : aha , thx a lot my friend , yeah the snail title should fade off , well I hope so.

@ Gunilla : Lol , well it feels weird , I was so obnubilate by this during the last weeks that it feels something missing , but probably I will get into another illu soon . Oh and no champagne , I just trade my coffee pot to a cold beer barrel :smiley:

cheers ,



Congrats on finishing! Great image, great mood, and great female protagonist! Glad you got it all done in time. :thumbsup:


great work my friend, u did a very nice composition, the girl character is really cool and the idea is cool as well…so u have a strong art piece here…good luck man!. congratulations on finish this with such great results :wink:


Great finish Stephane!
good luck with the judges!


Really nice image! Lots of depth and intrigue. Great Job!!:cool:


Excellent work!! I’m so glad you finished. :applause::applause::applause::applause:


glad to see you finished it in time. looks great!!!


Bien ! Cette fois tu finis ! belle image !


belle image Steph !




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