Secret Agent Entry: Stanislaw Marek


Stanislaw Marek is entered in the “Secret Agent” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Agent


Awsome theme.

Good luck to you all,


Couple ideas for designs and shots - very quick works . Not final in any way. I just want to flow my ideas on screen…


first idea of agent concept (not final)


conceptof possible car for evil enemy (not final)


possible destruction of enemy vehicle shot(not final)


evil enemy design/shot(not final)


agent tortured by enemy shot( no voilent showed - only results and angry agent - maybe not that bad if agent escape and will revenge ?? :))


other fast contecpt of agent in bad situation(not final)


agent prapare her equipment for action ( special glowes) (not final)


Hey man,

Great to have you in the challenge! Looking forward to more progress from you…sketches so far look good!


great stuff man , and definitely sexy :smiley: , anyway keep it up , and can’t wait to see what comes out of this glove :cool:



i will make more sketches… all quick stuff- im not sure what exacly will be in final.

Story will be based in near future stylised a bit on 30’ years - times of war, occupation ect. contraband… fight with evil dictator.
I will try to write this story a bit too. And later storyboard based on it.

This time i realy want to finish this entry :slight_smile:


agent trapt by enemies to the wall. Special gloves make explosion and destroy wall in way to not hurt agent


place where agent will assassin the convoy with vip enemies


quick concept of transporter with enemy units


shot of evil dictator proud from his army .Cloudy weather , big city


Very good start I like concepts very much Keep it in good works


This looks incredible! Cant wait to see this in motion :applause:


WOW! i mean HOLY !#@$

i got a couple of questions:

  • how am i meant to compete with this?
  • Why don’t you have a job? i mean being that awesome, how are you not being torn apart with job offers that would pay more than this comp?