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   Think about him as a younger  Clint Eastwood acting on a Quentin Tarantino´s movie:thumbsup:
   A mix between Dirty Harry, Easy Rider and Jason Bourne...with the wolverine´s angry mood:)


Talking Codename Bounty hunters
starting with ideas

Character story:

These codename Bounty hunters are freelancer agents working like a unofficial custody service. His targets…the worst kind of bad guys. The modus operandi always turns to be take the targets to the contractor, but sometimes, when things went wrong…the usual briefing is;

" Bring the target at any cost, cut that bullshit about dead or alive. don?t mind what?s your choice."

tools:Any kind of weapons , close combat , infiltrate tactics and special gadgets .

I´m thinking about a scene with a downed guard and the couple of agents posing for a poster.


hey rodrigo, looks amazing. I love the way he looks…clint eastwood is my favorite character back then in the good bad and ugly movie…Really nice concept. hope to see more soon, take care for now.


Thanks , Peter:thumbsup:
I need to sketch some poses on concepts before start to modeling the couple, but i´m a little stuck right now. Waiting to get some inspiration and fuel to really start the work:D
I´ll be posting something soon;)



Just made an frankenstein concept for posing reference and the kind of clothing and guns the agents will have:thumbsup:
I?m just starting the base modeling, i?ll be posting soon.


Very slick Love the blades on the girl. The camo texture on the gun is nice too.


Wow…for a pre-vis this piece is very elaborated. :cool:

Are you still going for the agent-for-hire theme? If you do, you should add some more hints at the story. Right now i “just” see two cool guys, but i have no idea what they are doing or what they are standing for.

Anyway, its just an idea, so plz just dont pay any attention, if im talking crap :slight_smile:

all the best


wow this guy is going to really kick ass for sure !, i think this couple is looking very cool !, i like your design on the clothing and weapons choice. :cool:


Thanks guys:thumbsup:
I was thinking about this kind of scene:

By digitalinkrod at 2009-06-18
The main characters are sorrounding by a group of soldiers, but it´s not the final option:)
Maybe i´ll put the couple on action, dodging bullets and shooting one of the soldier on front of the camera. I´m going to sketch this for a better view.

Thanks again for the feedback folks, it´s really important for me to build a kool scene:beer:


You’ve got some really nice concepts here!! Nice to see another guy from Brazil on this challenge…

Temos que colocar pelo menos dois brasileiros entre os vencedores dessa vez!! rs…


Hi good work and ref too. looking forward for more updates :slight_smile: Best of luck


I love that last sketch, lot of soldiers surrounding the agent, is fresh new.


Nice! Good luck man! The duo are so far so good!


Very Cool! Maybe the Man Agent can be more dynamic in this scene, well, this is a idea.

Good sketches!


interesting,kinda remind me of neo and trinity in Matrix:D good stuff


SUPER COOL START !!! :applause: :applause: :applause:


Lovely characters! NICE!


wow man!
awesome start !


looks great! :thumbsup:
The woman kinda reminds me of Maggie Q , was she your reference?