Secret Agent Entry: Richard Spriggs


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Latest Update: Finished Video: The Runner


Hey Richard,

Didn’t know you were on CG Society. Awesome. Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with as well. Good luck.



Hey Everyone, So I think I am going to have a fast paced, action type of animation. I really like the parkour style, a really good example is,
also Mirror’s edge is a good example.

I was thinking I would have my main character stealing something important from the government. Such as incriminating information, a Virus, a DNA code, etc… Basically something that could bring down the government, or stop the government from doing something bad. This would lead into a chase sort of scene of him running away from them. Not quite sure of the outcome yet but will keep thinking about it.

Let me know If you have any cool ideas to work off.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing all your entries.


Hey Richard,

Maybe check out the Bourne movies. I don’t remember which one, but theres a great chase sequence in it which would be great to reference both for the animation and camera work when following someone doing crazy stunts. Just my two cents. Good luck.


Idea for the action sequence, I’m going to have him break down the door and break past the guards.


Just a stairway where the chase will continue.


  1. Opening shot, walking up to Bank doors.
    2)Runs Past Security guards at front
    3)Goes into circuit room and locks door behing him so security cannot open it.
    4)Starts pulling a bunch of wires apart destroying everything. Looks at Camera in the room and it powers down
    5)Busts out of room with security getting knocked down.
    6)continues the chase upstairs
    7)runs along the rooftop
  2. gets to edge of builing and as there are tons of security after him he phones someone.
    9)Cut to one of the security guards on phone at front robbing bank, makes off with all the money through the front door
    10)Runner jumps off building to the next one. Security can`t make the jump


Software: Maya

One of the action scenes. I hope to have around 4 or 5 good action shots.

Play Video >>


Wow…that’s looking very impressive! Some great choreography you’ve got going on there :slight_smile:

My only comment in that the soldier who’s head he grabs and slams down has a reaction that’s a bit slow after he jumps over him. These soldiers look like they’d be highly trained, so I’d imagine their reactions to be really snappy.


Hey thanks Tyson. Your right about the reaction of the guy. I will try to sharpen it up when I have the time. By the way, loved your short last time.


oh yeah! this animation looks greate!

you choosed best scene for reference


Yeah Man, animation is looking real nice. I’m digging that Parkour style. Good Job


Awesome! I agree with Tyson about the snap of the first soldier. Perhaps to make his slow reaction time more believable tho, you could have his head bounce a little as it hits the door…that combined with a nice ‘CRACK’ sound could look and feel really painful, and lead to his disorientation.

I’m definitely looking forward to more!


Really Great Animation!:buttrock: Thats will be a Powerfull entry! Nice action.
Best to you!


Looking nice. good paceing. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments everyone.


it looks like this one is going to look very good. :thumbsup: can’t wait to see more.The models look like they were made very well,good work.


Wow! This is awesome. Very good work; animation is superb. Really looking forward to seeing more of your entry.


Running up some stairs heading toward the rooftop.

Play Video >>


This chase is just getting better and better! The skid before the stairs is really good.
Keep them coming mate.