Secret Agent Entry: Prabath Wijayantha


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Latest Update: Final Image: Phew!.. that was close!


Got a little late this time around.Have been playing around a few ideas.This is the first concept i came up with.Still needs to work on it to gt it right.All crits are welcome.



I like your concept. There is still time.

Good luck.



Thanks Blas.

I was going along this idea for a while: Animals as spies, adds a certain something to it.I am thinking of other possibilities as well along the same theme. But also I was thinking about the more conventional Female spy/agent trapped in a tight spot scenario as well as a more periodical cloaked rider /mistery theme too.I’l post my rough ideas soon.



Nice, reminds me of that new movie that just came out called G-Force.

edit: wait, you can’t fool me. I saw that critter on the poster.


Well, I wasnt trying to fool anyone.A friend of mine showed me the trailer when i told him my idea and that;s how i got a reference to do my rough sketch. But I knew people might see it this I said its just a first idea and I painted it last night. I would very much like to see the poster you said Dale. It will be a good reference. Please post it if you can.



I was only playing about the fooling part.

Here’s the image I was talking about :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing your progress.


thanks Dale.the image is a great reference.But i want to make my subject more ratty if you know what i mean.bit less cute.



Here’s another concept I was working for the challenge. It’s a rough idea on the animal spy theme. I wanted to explore the underwater theme here with a dolphin as a trained agent/unit carrying out military’sabotage type operations.All crits and suggestions are welcome.



hi prabath nice concept well wish you all the best


Thanks bro,

Good to here from local blood on the forums.thanks for the support.BTW Great work in your portfolio too.



ayya mona year ekeda?uni eke?

i have small suggestion add some more techi stuff to the dolphin a antenna or some pouches from the either side

and some freaked out sharks in the background would be great

well these are just random stuff poped up in ma mind any way gud luck


I like the thinking, Prabath. They did train dolphins to do that sort of thing didn’t they? Great start.


Seems to me the dolphin idea has more promise.Have to make it more thechy of course.Lots of nifty gear I mean. And a cocky thumb’s up.but does anyone know how to make a dolphin give a thumb’s up?!Well,looks like I’ have my work cut out for me there.

@Nick: Yup, I think they did… for surveilance and recon stuff, I believe.Would come in very handy if they had real offensive/sabotage capabilities too, dont you think.

@Rashi: Passed out last year Bro. Arts faculty. Just had the convocation… few weeks back?Yup,have to make it more appealing, more debris, fish, gadjets…etc. So many possibilities with all these ideas I have in mind. Could stretch it 10 miles in any direction.

More posts soon.



yea the dolphin one looks promising, the scene just looks…well… empty. I feel like you need to start filling it up with stuff like maybe a school of fish or something? Is it going to be all 2d concept or are you going to be shooting for some 3d? Look forward to seeing the progress on this one!


Thanks for the suggestions Aleksander.Yup I know it looks empty.It’s just a 30 min sketch from last night. Lot of work to be done definitely. I’m doing some pencil sketches to see what I could add and to get an idea of how far I could push it without obscuring the look of’s a bit tricky you know. As for your other question, my plan is to keep it 2D since I don’t have much brawn on the 3D side of things.


Here’s a more classic themed concept from me.Just wanted to depict a female spy character in some kind of tight situation.Just a rough pose sketch. All crits are welcome.



Here’s a version with some more detailed background added.


She has a wonderful silhouette Prabath. That should work really well.


Thanks Nick. But it seems I’ve gotten myself in trouble here. I’m a bit torn between the Dolphin idea and this now. As a friend and fellow professional, what’s your stand on it.Tough call for me. Let me know what you think.Could go either way for me. Since there’s a bit more time, think I’ll plod on with both ideas for now.