Secret Agent Entry: Paul Robinson


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Big Bad 001


So I think I might go with an Inspector Gadget type entry. And here’s my casting for the Inspector and the Gadgetmobile. Obviously it’s a modern take on the idea


First bit of progress on the GT by Citroen which will be transformed eventually into my Gadgetmobile of sorts…


looking good so far dude, can’t wait till i get started


nice start :slight_smile: today I’ll start mine to :wink: i wish you good luck :slight_smile:


It looks nice so far, good work, don’t screw it up ;]


The dude looks a bit like you, how funny. : )
Nice car.


did u noticed it too ^^? they look like the same person or like twins :stuck_out_tongue: heh ^^


I would have said brothers.


lol…i guess i do look like him a bit…although at the moment i look a bit more like him as tony stark after several weeks in an afghani cave (ie unshaven and messy hair)…little update in just a sec


Just a bit more done on the front of the car. Will start to flesh out the sides tomorrow I think.


Filled in a few more details on the front and started working on the sides.


Added a roof, mostly finished off the sides and started on the rear of the car.


Can’t go too wrong with the go-go-gadget inspiration!, good luck!


Beautiful work so far! Best of luck on the contest :thumbsup:


Hey Rob. Just thought I’d stop by and leave a note. Quick progress as usual I see :D. Man that is one sweet car. Can’t wait to see that thing as the gadget mobil. Keep us posted!



starting on the back now


@JHarford: thanks, it’s quite lucky that I’d just watched some Inspector Gadget clips on youtube when I found this new challenge…lol

@Kerem: thanks

@RageOfAges: thanks, i can’t wait to turn it into the gadgetmobile…


filled out a bit more of the back of the car…


quick start on ur car model. looking good. Best of luck. Looking forward to ur progress.:cool: