Secret Agent Entry: Monsit Jangariyawong


Monsit Jangariyawong is entered in the “Secret Agent” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: secret…reveal!!!


hi! everyone , good luck and have fun


hey mate,glad that ur in!so what ya gonna do?2D or 3D? best of luck mate


Welcome here Monsit !

Any idea ?


W00t !!

This challenge definitely wouldn’t be complete without you !! :slight_smile:

Have tons of fun here Monsit !

5D again ?

cheers ,



welcome to the party mate …wish u lots of fun :arteest:


Hello :wavey: Then we meet again. Good luck :slight_smile:


most welcome :smiley: cant wait for a new masterpiece to arise! good luck :slight_smile:


dude!! great to see you here! :bounce: looking forward to the best!
good luck dude! :thumbsup:


Hi buddy .remember me from the spectacular challenge.
Good to see u in this challenge too. Best of luck :slight_smile:


here is my sketch, story is about the alien secret agent who was sent for spy and collect data of human being but … there are no secret in the world, while he try to cure his wound and change his mask ,the secret is revealing…

here it is for now , I don’t sure about the woman , i have another choice , maybe , i’ll replace the woman with human detective , or something , what do u think?

sorry for broken eng


nice concept nice sketch…Nice ! :buttrock:


Yea man, you always do such awesome stuff, I´m really looking foreword to see where this is going.


Nice work :slight_smile: I think it works ok with the woman.


you can always make it a woman Agent :bounce: …like the idea Keep going :thumbsup:


looks like a good start . will come back to check updates.:thumbsup: Best of luck


I like the mirror thing - that way you can show both sides of the alien - maybe human when not looked at through a mirror kind of alien…

looking forward to see more!


hey man, i like your idea a lot, i think it will look nice if the one on the back ground is the scared woman, good luck man, very original :applause:


modeling update , begin to modeling bathroom , comments are welcome


nice lighting and rendering. I like the atmosphere. looking forward for ur models to come in the scene :). Best of luck again:beer: