Secret Agent Entry: Michor Chun Lin Lu


Michor Chun Lin Lu is entered in the “Secret Agent” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Holy Crap!


Good luck everyone. I just hope I’ll have the time for this one.



Basically, I want to portray the secret agent being really angry because one of his “acquaintances” gets shot and dies in the middle of a shoot out session. Yeah… it’s pretty cliched.


Hum, this pose is very interesting! Good luck!


I decided to go for a different idea (didn’t like that last one).

Story: A secret agent is on a mission and infiltrates a church as a nun. Since she is really beautiful, the perverted priest decides to do a little peeping while she is changing. Not only does he see her nude, he sees other things as well.


Thanks alessandrolima.

I guess I’m not going for the first idea anymore (unless everyone thinks it’s better).


Here’s an update. Arms, hands and legs still need work.

I would appreciate some crits and suggestions.



Oh… I’ve decided that she’s not gonna be nude anymore. :slight_smile:


…damn! :slight_smile:


The model looks great with clothes on anyway. I like the concept.


cpt-elektro, Umbral: Thanks man!!! :slight_smile:


very nice work and i like the pose too
but dont u think that the size of the head is too big for her body !


nice work in zbrush. looking forward for more updates :slight_smile:


Another update. I’m still deciding whether I should use this habit or use the old traditional habit…


bsb: Thanks man. I guess I’ve been staring at this model too long… thanks for the crit. :slight_smile:

nandlaskar: Thanks!


Quite an interesting topic/idea.
Great promise.

Does her head seem a little larger for her body? Just wondering.

Nice zbrush stuff


smallone3d: Thanks!! You’re probably right about the head. Thanks for the suggestion.


updates, updates…:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :arteest: , hello man, want to see some more action here please…haha
btw i agree about the head, its always give a more heroical look when head is smaller than normal, just a little bit.,
but is looking great overall keep going man


rattlesnake: Thanks man. Updates are coming soon… didn’t have a lot of time to work on it in the past week. Thanks for the crit!! :slight_smile:


Another update. Busy blocking out the background and just a quick light setup. The sphere is where the perverted priest is gonna be. My friends told me that I should lose the cowboy habit and go for a more traditional habit. Anyway, crits and suggestions appreciated.