Secret Agent Entry: Michal Matczak


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Latest Update: Final Image: Surrounded

Here’s mid-res with a bit tilted camera.


It’s been a while… too long…but I’m back :slight_smile:

Here’s the first concept that I think has potential… The first thing came to my mind while thinking “secret agent” was Bond. It may be the most obvious choice, but also the best one to fit the subject in my opinion… I have some more ideas for the challenge, I’ll be sending it here.

Anyway, I’d like to know what you think, guys :slight_smile:


here I tweaked composition and added flames and smoke to bring the guy out more and add some colour to it. I’ll be choosing the bottom one.


I pushed it a bit further to see if it has potential to tell a story… I think it will, it’s not very dynamic though… I tried to suggest a cross over the main character to make him main subject, hence the leg position, wolf head etc… but I might go into different direction - guy running, being shot at, camera tilt etc… I don’t know yet :slight_smile:

Anyway - I hope to hear some crits :slight_smile: Oh - the wolf on the right is totally out of perspective for the moment, but I was too tired to fix him. I’ll do that later.


I love colors.Keep painting.:thumbsup:


nice nice,keep it up :wip:


Great feeling of atmosphere in this already Michal. Wonderful start.


weerawan, diissar, Nickillus - thank you for response and encouragement :slight_smile: I’ll update ASAP.



looks very moody and cinematic so far. good work!


ArneSReismueller - thanks :slight_smile:


great composition! it definately feels really tense!


Another fan of your colors, keep it up man


WOW, guys - thank you for such a great response :slight_smile: I’ll try to post an update tommorow


You have captured that fleeting sense of “now what?” perfectly. Love to see hoe this will progress.



Cool Mike! Nice to see you working on this one!

I like the situation! Nice wide illustration. I’m a bit bothered by the lights in the background. They attract a lot of attention and are at the same distance from the character.
I like the overal blue light, but I think it can be much stronger to have the warm fire light at the back of him and giving him a really warm backlight. (without showing the fire to much since that will attract a lot of attention too?).

those are just my 2 cents though. :slight_smile:
Love to see more!


your a musician! :p… no wonder this piece is ‘melodious!’ love how you play with colors! … :love:good clash! :applause: me really looking forward to it!
how about throwing in some mist? that way, those searchlights would be submerged but not cut off totally …
i love this!
good luck buddy! :thumbsup:


prabath - thanks, mate :slight_smile:

DavidSmit - two good points, thanks for pointing them out, mate. Yeah, you’re right about the searchlights and the fire, they are too active now.

nwiz25 - yeah, I have a diploma and music major :slight_smile: thanks for appriciation. About the mist - I was thinking of it, it’s a good idea, gonna try it out :slight_smile:

Drop by more often, guys :). I’ll try to post update later on today.


Nice concept and cool color palette !


Whoohoo - changed the milestone to WIP :), not previsualization anymore. I think I know where I wanna go with it.

In this update - played a bit with composition, added what guys suggested - thanks again, mates :slight_smile: Changed colour and I’m working in full res now - started detailing overall. Gotta find some good ref for the trees, though…

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

gpepper - thanks :), I think I’ll change the pallette in the end a tiny bit, though… or widen it maybe. i’ll experiment.


Powodzenia! Polacy gora! :smiley: