Secret Agent Entry: Michal Lisowski


Michal Lisowski is entered in the “Secret Agent” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The assassination of John F. Kennedy



Yo folks :slight_smile:
I’m in, here’s previsualisation, I prefer the second, more dynamic in my opinion…


I agree, The second works well


Yeah, the second image feels much faster. Go with that one over the first hands down.


Hello again :wavey: You did so well in the last challenge, so I have high hopes for you this time :slight_smile: Nice drawings btw.


Yes…the second one is better. Keep it up!


Who really killed JFK? alternative facts, maybe little controversial…

New idea I think…


controversial but spectacular idea!

I say go for it! :slight_smile:


Hey Michal,

Really great sketches. Like a lot the dynamic action in your first idea, cool composition and action!!. The second idea is really original, a cool twist :smiley: ( the pics of Marylin and JFK can be a great touch :D) Maybe the car in a perspective composition like the first of your sketches, i dont know… :slight_smile: Only a comment. Good luck and waiting for more updates!. Cheers!! :beer:


Powodzenia! :smiley:


Hi maykrender,really nice sketch,the idea is nice too.
good luck.


Exceptional skills in 2d. :applause:
Watching this one closely.


WIProgresss :slight_smile:



great perspective there, love the composition and the concept itself. Keep going!


Very nice work and very controversial theme!


fish eye camera,that’s really interesting.good concept!


nice drawing style. like it.

WOODAN … the secret agent


hehe niceeeee :slight_smile:

i like your previous idea too, but this one is definitely better.
by the look at your portfolio works i can tell this one is gonna be awesome!

i’ll be watching :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for comms, one step forward :wink:



Wooow, really interesting concept! And well done.
May be u just have to clear a bit her position… :slight_smile: