Secret Agent Entry: Michael Wilson


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I’ve got an idea swimming around in my head. I’ll see if I can work up some quick sketches soon.


My concept sketches are always awful. But something like this.


Hey man! Nice to see you back for another challenge! I loved following your Steampunk entry!

The concept looks cool, dogs playing poker? ( But oh no, wait, they’re also secret agents?! :wink: I love it! :smiley:



I’m rethinking my Cat and Dog idea. Maybe I’ll go with regular humans. Maybe robots?


Same concept, new character type I think.


The girl.


Hey Mike, glad to see you in another one - good luck!


Modeling the secret agent.


Secret Agent Man


I love those cartoony heros you create, and this guy looks like another great one. This is clever stuff, requiring a lot of inventiveness and artistic skill. Bravo!


Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by. Are you in on this one or giving it a pass this time?


No Michael, I won’t be in this challenge, umm… unless spamming counts as being in the challenge!


A modified agent mesh for the Big Baddie.


Haha, nice, I like the character designs! Really cool! The last one, almost feels like he needs a scar or something?! Keep it up!


Another cool character. Excellent stuff. It will be great to see Baddie and the agent in the scene together. I suppose if their body shapes look too similar then you will always have the option of making one shorter/taller without too much extra work.

This is really nice character design, Michael. By the way, I like those white shoes on Baddie


And the Girl.

I don’t know, I’m thinking I may reduce the size of her top section just a bit.


That’s another excellent piece of work, once again creating (and sustaining) the cartoony look to your characters. I can see how you’re pushing your style too, and that’s wonderful.

Regarding the ‘top section’, well perhaps you can reduce things a bit there although in this instance it truly does not bother me. In my opinion, I think the depiction of women all too often becomes something like a caricature, but in this scene the men are already clearly heavily caricatured too, so for that reason this new model seems to fit in and it seems to work. I reckon you should trust your gut feeling / instincts on these issues.

I’m quite a fan of your skill in making your own style of cartoony/caricatured figures to fit a heroic larger-than-life theme. Part of the reason is because I struggle a lot converting my own cartoony style into 3D. As I read on some other thread here somewhere it’s a great way to push your work and develop your sense of character design. So I know how difficult is. In my opinion, your stuff is looking great and I personally can’t suggest changes


Thanks Mark for the comments, they’re always good to hear. I’m glad you can appreciate the style I’m going for here. As you may know I’m not really trying win any awards, just having fun creating an image.:smiley:


Really nice characters!
I like the expression on them alot!