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Well, here goes my first entry into a a CGS challenge. I really like the “Secret Agent” theme. I’m big fan of Burn Notice, Alias, Chuck and spy movies.

My initial thought was to do something with espionage and tech gadgetry. I’m a big fan of robots and micro-machines so I’ve been doing some sketches trying to incorporate those elements. I don’t know if I’ll go this direction for sure or not, but here are a couple sketches and a few of my pre-vis references.

This is going to be a hoot!



Well, I took a really small thumbnail sketch and made a little tighter pass so I could mess with a possible design. I’m going to work on adding some more energy in the poses of the two foreground figures. They are pretty stiff.

I like the sillhouette of the fem-fatale in the doorway. The Spyder-bot is coming along. It has a general creepiness that i like.

Anyway, a fun start. I think I might try a couple other ideas before going much further with this one. Any thoughts?



i like this picture because it does pose the question of who is good, bad, and looking on. I like the silhouette in the doorway but the spider doesn’t really blend into the composition. i like the idea though. maybe a different angle would give it more life.


The Siepa tone sketch in the concept was looking more dynamic than the later sketch. One of the things that I liked about the concept was the lines of action for the sillouttes in the latter sketch it feels like you’ve lost all the action.


Hey RenderSpud, how’s it going?

I really like the idea too but I’m not sure about the robo spider crawling over a wall. It doesn’t feel like the danger is eminent. Maybe play around with bringing one of the characters closer to the spider and maybe it’s about to attack or crawl up an arm or something.


I agree about the lifelessness of the greyscale thumb. I did this blocked out version in different layers so I could push elements around and work on the composition a little. My wife hated it. :slight_smile: She didn’t get that the spider was a spy robot drone that looked like a spider. She thought it was scary… she hates spiders!

Then it occurred to me that there really isn’t a lot of visual information here to let the veiwer know what the heck the spider robot is there for or what it is or does. If it had a camera or a bazooka/rocket launcher or even poison darts then the veiwer might get a little more info. :slight_smile:

I’m working on another idea too. Thanks a ton for the input. I really appreciate it.


No problem. One of the things that I really liked about the first sketch was the action… it seems to me that the life of the secret agent is all about action, whether you are James bond, Remo Williams, or a Mutant from the planet X… =)


OK, so I took my wife’s advice and came up with a concept that is a little more humorous and in a style that I seem to like. The basic concept deals with day-dreaming (Something I seem to do a lot of).

So, I wanted a character who was caught in the act of day-dreaming about being a secret agent. I wanted part of the image to show the “real” world and then have that fade away into a glimpse of the guys’ imagination where he is now a spy in somekind of death-defying mission.

I don’t have the ‘fantasy’ section worked completely out yet that will fill the white space on top, but… I want the main dude/character to be riding a superbike, firing missles with a beautiful female agent (same lady as in car) clutching him as he wheelies forward and she takes aim at bad guys all around.

Anyhoo, that’s the new concept. I havn’t given up on the other one yet either. I’m having too much fun. Comments welcome.


Great character in the new image! Is it wrong though, that the first thing I thought when I saw it, was “Ron Jeremy?” :wink:


Cools sketches. The second idea is cool. But like spyndel mentioned, does it read Secret Agent?


Oh, I didn’t mean it in a critical way…just that the character reminded me of someone.


haha you need to take a break from the net!! or at least stick to CG/art sites and not the “other kind” :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL. I had to google “Ron Jeremy” to see who he was… HAHAHA… oh, boy. the stuff that popped up :slight_smile: There definately is a similarity. Might have to change my character a little… too funny!

Totally correct Mic… I’m working on the secret agent part now. The full comp has a white space above this image where we get to peek into Ron’s… eh ehm… the dudes fantasy of himself as a secret agent. In a way I think this could say secret agent in a double way… first, the secret that no one else can see but us, the character imagining himself as a secret agent… and second, the actual depiction of a secret agent (which I hope I can post later).

Thanks a ton guys for the comments! I’ll dork around with this some more this afternoon.



I actually thought of Mario when I first saw it. :slight_smile:

Nice concept you’ve got there.


Robot spider man :slight_smile:


Well, I finally found a little time to rough in some of the Secret Agent daydream elements. I’m starting to like this idea a little more. Lots more to do to see if I’ll run with this concept or not.



I was just looking at my last submission and noticed something for the first time. The throttle is on the right hand side… how is this ‘secret agent’ giving the bike gas? LOL

Oh well, maybe he has it on cruise control!!


wow this is cool - I like this concept so much - especially the guys with the rifles on the roof top! great how the characters in the real world are reflected in the daydream…

Best luck


Thnx oBux, Yep. That’s definately one of the fun parts for me. I’m working the little kid with the ice cream cone in the fantasy portion now. The ice cream is falling off the cone and the kid is freakin out. Way fun.

I’ll post an update soon.