Secret Agent Entry: Magdalena Dadela


Magdalena Dadela is entered in the “Secret Agent” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: The misadventure of the royal messanger


best of luck :slight_smile:


Best of luck to you, Magdalena!

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread… :wink:


It’s been a pleasure watching you create the many emotions of Mephisto. Definitely following this thread. Good luck!


Good luck Magdelena. I’m sure this will be an interesting thread to follow.


hey thank’ee all :slight_smile: let’s hope it’ll be worth folowing :wink:


here’s the inspiration for my character to kick off with the pre-visualisation.
Agatha Christie and the 20s is on my mind since the start… not too realistic though :slight_smile: More concepts to come ofcourse…


very cool reference, art deco is one of my favorite styles,cant wait to see some concepts


20ies is an excellent choice for this! Really looking forward to see where you take it, good luck!


Cheers Mag. Subscribed :thumbsup:



Hi Magdalena!

Good luck for your entry!
I will follow this thread!



Looking forward to seeing what you come up with mate.

Good Luck!


I love that style. A good inspiration point.Im very curios to see some concepts.



Magda !

Nice to see you around !
The inspiration picture reminds me a bit Mata Hari which was a german spy during the first world war…

Those design from the early 20th century could be a nice idea for the topic.


hey Intervain was a pleasure to watch your work on the expressions challenge and i simlarly look forward to your work on this…good luck, not that you’ll need it…lol


hey mag!

wow! no rest for you… hhehehe. just finished hmc and now doing this. cool.
good luck mag.
i’ll sure keep an eye here (-and cheering).



So here’s the concept for my secret agent - she’s an extraterrestrial posing as a human, 1920s night club singer … you can see her changing into the ‘costume’ in an art deco bathroom :wink: - not quite decided on what the alien self will look like - hands vs tentacles. Still brainstorming


thanks very much to all of you guys for the replies to the thread - You kept me motivated to go with it :)… I’m quite pleased with the idea so next up - modeling :slight_smile:


Looks gorgeous. Are you doing it in 3D? I like it with brush strokes, it fits the subject style so well. Let see what happen.


Nice concept. A night club will give you a chance to work on a beautiful lighting setup.

An art deco bathroom is a nice place to set the scene, you can get a nice contrast between a classical environment and a futuristic character.