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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Backyard Espionage!!


Hi Karisa,

hope to see something from you soon!

have fun:)


Yess!!! I’ve got it!!! well guys here’s my idea…Backyard Espionage!!

it’s the war of boys vs. girls!

here i’ll have a brave soldier of the neighborhood girl clan (gotta get a name for the girl clan :slight_smile: ) who was undercover in the enemy’s camp…da boys’ tree house!
however, her cover was blown (will tell you about that later! …lol) and now, our little agent is on the run…hot on her tail are water-gun-wielding and water-balloon-bomb-throwing boys!

i’ll post a more detailed sketch later…i intend for the treehouse to be decked with all sorts of home-made “weapons” and even a banner warning all Girls OFF!! heh heh…lots of ideas in my head!
btw…of the fleeing girl, the viewer will see her two pigtail coming out of her hat otherwise she’ll be dressed in a baseball uniform (or other boy’s clothes)…the pigtail will be the only thing that tells you it’s a girl ( hmmm actually it might be because her hair became undone that her cover was blown! :slight_smile: )

well, i think this is quite funny! how about you guys? let me know what you all think and any ideas as well!!!

have fun in the challenge dudes!!!

Karisa :slight_smile:


This is an incredible idea! I love it. Secret agents between boys and girls. I will be waiting the next sketches. Good luck!


ok guys…in Maya, i did some simple geometry so i can get my perspective right…in the next upload i did some sketching over it.


so i started sketching my idea over the layout & perspective i did in maya.
i decided to have in the composition the rival girl tree house.
as you can see (hope you can make it out … lol) our “secret agent” is in full flight. so i’ll have the girls covering her back as she escapes! as well the boys will be on the offensive too :D!
with water guns, sling shots, water balloons, wooden swords…lol

I’ve an idea to have one or two girls stretching to catch our agent as she “Tarzans” across! heh heh
a boy above will be trying to cut the swing rope she’s running for (he was conveniently at that location as he is the look-out :slight_smile: ) and on the opposite side a girl will be warding him off with her water gun!

let me know what you guys think and have fun!!

Karisa :slight_smile:


Wow, I love the idea! Very cool! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see how this one turns out! Best of luck with the challenge and keep us posted!


hey guys! just though i’ll show you where i’m at in getting my final composition. do let me know what you think so far :slight_smile:

heh heh i had a funny idea to place around the boys’ tree spikes 'n stuff to keep the girls OFF!!
whereas the girls will be a bit more cherry (more girly lol)
it seems like i have all these ideas in my head and i’m trying to project them!

anyways see you later!
Karisa :slight_smile:


Hey Karisa, my tween! great concept:bounce: :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m loving your work here, and even been a ‘tween idea’ i don’t believe it’ll prejudice us

keep seen u! Good luck!


Good stuff! Yeah, I think the trees should definitely be differentiable at first glance (spikes/flowers/etc…) As for composition, I’m far from being a master at this…but from my point of view (no pun intended!) I think it could be really cool and interesting to see it from a little closer and a little from the bottom looking up. Giving a better sense of depth and helping convey a sense of awe at those big trees. Just a thought! :slight_smile:


Great sketches!! I love the ideas of the girly club and the girl agent in the run. Is she stealing something?


hey thanks guys!!.. thanks Bruno! I’m so glad you stopped by, btw…i’m in love with your style of characters and i know you’ll do your piece justice:arteest::wip:!! best of luck Brunothurner! :thumbsup:

great idea warpv thanks:), however i did play around with a perspective from low on the ground but somehow it just wasn’t what I’m seeing in my head ( LOL ) . but now i’m actually getting closer to it :scream:! i really wanted to have the viewer see the barrier around both trees (to sort of show the difficulty of her mission and the major difference in boys and girls…heh heh) however, i still wanted that “slightly looking up” feel can’t wait to post my more detailed sketches.:wip:

hey thiramiro! oh yes indeedy!..her mission was to go under cover in the “enemy’s” camp and steal the “war strategy” :D(note: the neighborhood’s next waterfight!! lol) so, on her shoulder would be a strap bag with these “top secret” documents inside…to emphasize that, i’ll have a few pages flying loose from her mad dash.

well, i’ll be updating soon!
see you guys later!:wavey:



Hello adrephil

Tremendous concept, freshest without being cartoon, the man who leaves fleeing is disguised from girl or so that he even has some trap trying to catch it, a platform of observation in some of the tree maybe help the concept to understood more express when seeing it, i like a lot your style, I really want to see all the development process.

Good luck



hey just a quick update.
started the background last night and i’m going for a bright summer day.

don’t know if i might crop the pic…hmmmm

anyways do tell me what you think :slight_smile:



great Karisa, very beutiful background!:applause:
i was thinking if sunshines could turn even better… but i really don’t know! :stuck_out_tongue:


I admit it, I laughed aloud when I went through your sketches. Fantastic idea-so far, I really like how this is coming. I wouldn’t crop the image, myself. How it’s set up now adds to the ‘feel’ of the sketch, keeping your focus toward the middle where the action is…but that’s just my thought. :slight_smile:

Great work!!



Hi Karisa

very nice clouds, Maybe a little more close helps you to be able to add more detail to the tree or the treehouse or maybe if you leave such it as right now you add another element like the fence that helps much to feel the proportions.
Sorry by the comments of the boy dressed girl but I does not catch that the girls those that spied :blush: , jeje and the truth as the girls always are more thinking often manages to obtain what they want without having to make great expenses of energy :thumbsup: .

My favorite history with the Peter Pan style super original that you given, is a pleasure to see your work. :buttrock:



Wow, very cool stuff! :slight_smile: I really love the curved horizon, adds a lot! I’d crop it just a bit, not much. But it’s coming along nicely! Keep it up!


Hey Karisa,

Really great idea

This is looking really cool!, the tree shapes are nice! you´ve already got so much to paint there, im also not sure if you should crop the image… waiting for more



Haha! Just found this Karisa.
Great idea and going to look really nie when it’s done, based on what’s gone on so far. Fun stuff.