Secret Agent Entry: Jean-Sebastien Guillemette


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Mission4 - Finished Video


Hey Guys!

Me and my coworker Marc Lebuis decided to enter the challenge! We’re quite late into the game, but we’re ready to work our asses off to finish in time!

We actually are forced to finish in time for different reasons. One of them is that we’re studying at the NAD Centre (, an animation school in Montréal and for our fourth, and last, project there, we decided to take part in this challenge so we better get it done to get our diploma :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re starting full production today. All our pre-prod is done. We don’t have much concept art or storyboards since our drawing skills aren’t that good :stuck_out_tongue: but we have a clear description of every shot and we even acted them quite a few times already. We know where we’re going!

Expect some updates everyday until September 10th. Good luck to all! :smiley:


subscribed, looking forward to see some work of last years :slight_smile:


Work in progress of the humvee model in which our character will try to escape at the end of the short movie.


Here’s the beginning of the flying aircraft carrier Control Tower on which all the action will take place. A few shots takes place in front of the tower so we’re doing it slightly more hi-res than the rest of the flying boat. More to come on that carrier in the next days!


Hey guys! Hope you likes our small update. I guess I should make a rundown of our project now hehe

Basicly, we’re going sci-fi. A canadian, and clumsy, secret agent infiltrate a soviet flying aircraft carrier to steal a nuclear bomb from the hands of an overzealous Generals. He finds himself in trouble when he’s intercepted by a bunch of soldiers. He’ll have to use his high intellect to find a way out of the aircraft carrier alive, and with the bomb!

Let’s just hope there won’t be many dead bodies left behind his clumsyness!

Oh and we have a third team member. Derek McTavish who will be doing the editing of the final short movie, the editing of the making of, the sound/music aswell as some motion graphic for the credits at the end.

Crappy storyboard coming in tomorrow, more modelling. And maybe a slight preview of our hero!


Another preview of the flying aircraft carrier. Should be finish around mid-day tomorrow. Comments and critic are always welcome :smiley:


Hmm sorry for the double post seems like the uploader had a problem here! More updates will follow!


Aircraft Carrier finished. Still lacking details in some area, but we’re going to cover that in the texturing phase. Also a first preview of the elevator scene. In this scene our Agent will be --slowly-- escaping the Soviet General appartment with his beloved nuceal bomb by using a not so quiet elevator.


Another set being completed. This is a corridor next to the elevator in which our Agent will have to face not one, but two ennemy! His hands filled with the stolen nuclear bomb, he’ll have to improvise a fighting style to get away fast, but maybe not in a safe manner!


Insane! :eek: So much detail!


^ I second that! Great models; good luck with your project. Looking forward to seeing the hero. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Varun


You guys seem to be progressing pretty fast. Nice work so far. Can’t wait to see it with textures and lighting.


We present you the whole point of this short film. the Nuke! Quite simple, yet quite destructive!

We also give you guys a look at some spy gears. i.e. the grappling hook gun and the spy glasses equiped with x-ray vision!

C&C are always welcome! We promise an update of our main character soon (tomorrow?)


So far so good guys.
How have you divided your work?


Me and Marc Lebuis are both generalist, so as for now we dividing all the work equally no matter what type of work it is. Except for the humvee, I’ve been doing all the other model I’ve shown here. Marc did the humvee, and he’s on the characters right now. Our hero is almost done modelled, and we’ll probably show it here tonight.

Once the modelling will be done we’ll done, we’ll both jump onto texturing. We’ll have to do alot of painting/projection, which will make things faster for us in the end since alot of our camera are fixed in position, or have a very subtle movement/translation. Once that is done we’ll move on to animate the shots, and I’ll be lighting all the shots as we finished animating them.

We’ll try to keep compositing to a minimal level to make sure we can render straight out of Softimage|XSI with a decent look…just in case we’re tight on time.

Derek McTavish will take care of the editing, the making of, the sounds/music and some motion graphic at the end for the credits.

Thanks for the comments so far! Stay tuned for more updates!


Yesterday we presented some spy gear. Tonight, it’s Soviet’s gear! Vodka & Kalashnikov always goes well together!

We also finished working on some low res jet fighter to fill the aircraft carrier, aswell as the Hero’s spy plane. Tomorrow is cockpit modelling time! We promise a character update real soon. We’re just trying to bring it in a showable state right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a small update showing off the Agent spy plane, the cockpit of the plane, the balcony that leads to the Soviet General, and a Shader test for the clouds. Disregard the cloud shape, but c&c on the shader would be appreciated. I’ll try to get a larger render tomorrow.

Oh and we just shot our Face Mocap stuff. We’ll be doing facial anim test with it tonight. Update tomorrow on that :slight_smile: Stay tuned!


Anim Test here on Vimeo:

A small test for Shot03. Obviously still lacking texture work, lighting on the aircraft carrier and airplane and two cloud layer (background and midground at the end). Also lacking motion blur :stuck_out_tongue:

We basicly finished rigging our hero, we’ll show it later today so stay tuned!

Btw, sorry for the lack of update in the past days. We had trouble with the network at school and couldn’t work on our stuff :frowning: But updates are going to be frequent this week because next monday we have to show our progress to our project director at school so! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice start!
It looks like your noise has too much frequency. Try at least halving its current frequency.
Also the clouds appear to shift around which looks a bit odd. Consider removing that?

With some tweaking I think you could have a nice shot!