Secret Agent Entry: Israel Fornes


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This is the start of our project, a sequence-shot discovering our agent at the end of a mission, as in the old Bond movies. The Idea is to place the hero in an undefined age but mostly old-fashion style.


Here I have the first comp in AE with some renders I did in Electric Image, some frames for you to see how is going on whta I show you before in the story


looks promising


The submarine shots look very dynamic. I think lighting them underwater will be a fun exercise!

Looking forward to seeing more. :smiley:


Looking good.

Your character going to be 3d or live action?


Hi Timmay, I’m thinking about it and maybe a mix of both, for example, the submarine shot probably will be 3D but in others will be real.


this is awesome…can’t wait to see more.


Fantastic Concept images. :slight_smile:


Love this, great mood



looking good!..this reminds me a movie with shean conery i think is red october…


Wow… this is looking really great!, already got some rendered pics!! Whe haven’t finished modeling yet :hmm:


The design of the chair is from the master Ken Adam, and was designed for 007 film “Thunderball”.

I love the style of the 60’s movies. That kind of minimal but effective. Like Star Wars technology in the New Hope, very basic, only the necessary stuff around.


The chair and the Bad Guys HeadQuarters Room, some kind of Spectre Design.


Some desert exterior with a nice Lamborghini going wild


great work. Wainting for mixing all these things together.


This is coming along really well mate. Just want to see those frames moving now.
And that minimal furniture is perfect. :wink:


Wow, OMG !
Great things around here !


Ohh thats nice…how you did it?..


Thanks Melkao, I’m using SILO for modelling, ELECTRIC IMAGE for 3d animation and rendering and AFTER EFFECTS for compositing, grading etc…
And also thanks to all who post comments in our entry, all of them are great for our spirits, he he… you are great.