Secret Agent Entry: Iskander Cathal Mellakh


Iskander Cathal Mellakh is entered in the “Secret Agent” update: View Challenge Page

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Quick sketch, I think i want to do something along this line. I definitely want it to be more of a portrait - I want to concentrate on the character and try to get some feeling and emotion into the piece.


This is a quick comp of what i am hoping to achieve but in 3D. I think i will do a warehouse style bg to the left of the character - not very obvious though as the main focus of this piece is the character. I am happy with the placement and pose of the scene i just need to design the bg. After that i will try to get the 3d as close to this image as possible.


I have been trying to figure out the best layout for the bg. I am thinking that this will work quite well. It will be in a car repair shop / garage. basic lighting and block modelling for bg.


Gun placement. Just the basic geometry for the gun. I wanted to add a bit of geometry close to the camera to make sure that i have got the perspective of the room / character setup properly. I think it looks ok. I am thinking that maybe just behind the grill there maybe a car or some headlights visible. Ill have to give it a try.


Ok, I the idea behind this story is he is a secret agent / detective gone a little sour. A bit like the idea behind Max Payne. He seeks revenge. I wanted to set it in today’s gang/gun culture.
In this scene he is confronting one of the gang members (kind of seen from the gang members eyes)who caused him pain and anguish.

Start of face modelling.


Managed to get some of this done today - first version of the head. I have noticed now that when it is in the scene i will need to do some tweaking of the scene to get it all to the right scale.


working on the hoody. Once i have got this right as well as his hands i will start the process of correcting the shape and look of my model to better fit the photo.


Oh how i love to UV… Most of the uving is done - just the face left to do. I will then pose the character and then sculpt the additional detail in Zbrush. any criticism welcome.


I have been trying to pose the character to get him to the right position. I have slightly changed it. I am not sure if it looks better or worse? Slight change to the camera focal length too.


added the hands. Slowly starting to all come together. slight tweak of the face and hoody. need to start adding in the detail.


hand Wip - sculpting of the hand.


face texture WIP. still needs some work nut it is getting better.


Working on the textures for the bg and the the lighting. Not sure if it is a bit too dark. I think it is, will need to add a bit more lighting.


just some more work on the textures. changed the toolbox model - added more detail to it.


Hi !

Pretty nice work on the background! The textures and the lighting are very dramatic .

I think you could tweak the overall shape of the character. The head looks pretty big . If we consider that the torso is facing the camera you should scale +X to fit your Ref.
Altough , I think you also should move up the thumb holding the gun grip. I mean considering you hold it firmly in your palm , I guess that is the side of the thumb contacting the grip.

Hope it helps , looking forward to your progress

cheers ,



Hey Zapan,

Thank you for your comments, I have been looking at the model and i can see what you mean about the size of the head. I will try to get it all more in proportion.

The thumb I was aware was in the rong place and position - i have been meaning to fix that…

should hopefully have that done by my next post.



some more props added to the environment. I am now starting to question if the shelves look a bit out of place?


edit of the hand pose and started to do the textures for the hand. Scaled the head down slightly, and tweaked the lighting a bit.


edited a few things in the scene. added some smoke coming from the barrel of the gun in photoshop