Secret Agent Entry: ishan shukla


Second one textured.


The quality has gone down quite a bit here due to compression I guess. :hmm:

TCPortfolio: Thanks! Yeah the model is done in Zbrush. Changing him quite a bit. He was going more to the realistic side. Not something i am aiming for, as far as the characters are concerned.




Quality buildings you’ve got there.


Now that’s just great texture work :slight_smile:


Wow! Very impressive…can’t wait to see more!


I LOVE the texturing on that building. Perhaps take some of the balustrades and bend them out a little, or break them off? It looks like something from COD 4…definitely a good thing. :wink:

I also love how the previs goes from daily monotonous stuff (waking up, coffee, eating breakfast), then all goes to hell, then it goes all calm again. Kind of like the beginning of the I AM LEGEND trailer.


great texture.
I love the second palace. :slight_smile:


Looks great! Beautilful storyboard.



wow, you have a cool style, and your skills are awesome, too. Especially the textures look fingerlicking good. But i have to say, i didn’t really understand the storyboard, there seems to happen very much. Maybe i am just dumb, so i have to wait for your first shots or animations.

so long


ivanisavich, pierzak, MartinNielsen, JeanCharlesGingras, mad-, Lasphere :
Thanks guys. It really means a lot.

Thanks Man. Breaking and bending those balustrades seems like a good idea. I hope to do this if I find time. Moreover, I am not sure these buildings will be in focus that much.
Yeah about the storyboard, I was trying to think of a ‘real’ guy who would be just like anybody else. Doing trivial things and making a living just like so. But his superior skills have made him work on more ‘sophisticated’ things in secret. :smiley:

Thanks for the comment mate.
As I previously mentioned I am still missing the Voice Over here and that happens to be the thread joining the whole story together. So, the storyboard is a sort of notes for me here and I will try to post a more complete version later if possible. :slight_smile:


Fantastic style with the storyboard! Also love the bald guy!

Count me among those interested in how the story joins together. :slight_smile:


Here is the building for shot25.


I am working on shot10 at the moment. It includes Boss1.


Testing and brushing it up. Still working on it.


Hmm, he looks a bit like a cross between Morpheus and Commander Locke! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr. Morlocke ???

(Sorry, sometimes I just can’t help myself) :smiley:
Keep up the good work man, looking forward to seeing more. :beer:

Best regards, Varun


hahaha Mr Morlocke!
Well Varun, it’s still a work in progress, later I am afraid you might come with an even more weird name :D. Good luck to you too mate! :wink:


I have been busy with work lately. But thanks to nights and weekends :slight_smile:
I started a storyboard with roughly 25 shots. And I have done only 4 so far. I expect to complete them by cutting some parts of the story. Also I believe rigging took some time for me. Here are the rigs for basic man and woman. (I used the script abAuto to make things simpler and faster). I have based the agent on the same rig.


Shot 1.


Shot 3.