Secret Agent Entry: ishan shukla


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Hi Ishan, I think that Amir missed the last page of this thread and accidentally believed that you had made your final entry with your last submissions. My apologies for the erroneous earlier post.

I’m very sad to hear you won’t be able to continue. Your work is beautiful and I was keenly looking forward to more updates. My best wishes to your father and hope to see more of your work soon.

Best regards, Varun


Too bad you couldn’t finish all of it. Maybe when your father gets better you can get the rest of it together. Anyway, good job on your finished cut and hope your father feels better soon.


Hey Ishan

I am sorry, I missed this post in your thread, also i am truly sorry to hear about your dad, I wish he gets well real soon …
Your work in this challenge is really great and i look forward to see you next time…



Im sorry too , hope everything will be ok with your father.
You did realy greate stuff in this challenge.




Hey… sorry to hear that. What you have looks good! Hope everything’s okay and that you’ll have a chance to come back to this sometime later.



You made a great work for this challenge.
i like the colors, the design of the characters and the camera work.

i hope everything is okay for you and your family.



Thanks for the support and liking the work guys.
Things are better back at home. And everyone has really done some serious good work with this challenge. (though I am sad for Staszek’s entry)

Wishing luck everyone. :slight_smile:


Nice to see you around. Are you going to finish this short?



Yup…once things settle down a bit, I will continue this as I have many things done and they will be wasted if I don’t finish it up.
How about you? You will focus on your deus ex short? Now when you are done with secret agent. Its looking good :slight_smile:


I wish you ware fast back on track with this movie. I found some shots / techniques inspiring for my own works. I don’t feel strong enought to handle animation for deus ex now. At the moment I’m back on finishing project started few years ago It’s titled “the room” (very - working title) I’m planing to finish it within next 6 - 7 months. It’s a story of a group of young people sneaking into an old ruined circus where one got trapped inside an unusual playroom for an unusual game. I treat it partialy as preparations for deus ex as this is the project I started animating for back few years ago.
Wish you all best


Oh that sounds great. A ruined circus has so many possibilities man!
Okie… go for it then and let all of us know when you are done. (or a production diary maybe?)

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Sure thing :wink:
Good luck!


Congrats! Yeah…that opening scene took the cake!


Congratulation to you and to everyone who finished :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

See you on the next challenge :wink:


Seems like you didn’t need the full trailer :applause:
Congratulations mate:beer::beer::beer:


Congrats, hope this motivates you to finish this thing! good job.


gregmcquay, mad-, fgdf, Aedilhum,

Thanks guys! See you next time :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! finally you got it, wonderful job and I would love to see the film finished. And I hope everything with your father is going better.

Best wishes


congats ishan…nice work…waiting for the end product…

hey, CGIsrael…this is not the place to talk personal matters…


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