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Latest Update: Finished Video: Duncan


I’m entering evry late because I was busy. I’m not realy sure I’ll have the time to finish this short film, but I’ll try my best. It’ll be shot in a couple of days, leaveing me another couple of days to do the special effects, edit, record a theme for the sound track and add some subtitles (it will be shot in french sibce I don’t have time to look for a english-speaking actor)

DUNCAN (working title)

The film is a fake interview where the actor improvises around the information provided below. The actor is shot on a fixed shot, sitting at a table. His face will be deformed digitally to mimic some kind of alien race. The still shot will be cut with some inserts showing the character walking aimlessly in the city.

Current name: Duncan Mayer

Profeession: Secret Agent for the United Worlds

He believes his name is Duncan, but he can’t tell for sure. He changed his appearance and name for every mission, sometimes more than once per mission. He can’t remember his past clearly, but he thinks he grew up on the planet Anthera in the Horsehead Nebula, a hostile planet where the only activity is mining. At age 12, his father sold him to the United Worlds where he got chameleonized. That time is but a mere memory which he’s not sure of. Ever since, he goes from mission, to mission. He kills rebel leaders in the Cygnus constellation. He investigates on the disparition of a dignitary of Kargan. He initiates coup d’etats in the planets far removed from the core of the United Wolrds. All those while changing faces as often as he changes hotel rooms.
Recently he investigated for himself on the habits of the Secret Services of the United Worlds. The career of a chameleon agent like himself never passes 5 or 6 years. Even the most solid will ends up bending under the weight of the multiple identities. But what are the doing with the retired agents? They say that as long as a retired agent doesn’t disturb the quiet society, the Secret Services have order to leave them be. Thus the United Worlds spares some money.


Shooting is done. I’m working on the editing. I’m quite satisfied with Simon’s performance. He managed to pull it off in a very subtle and simple way.
I still have a lot of work to do. Hopefully, I manage to finish it on time >.>;


I love that you started this with a week to go! You are insane! But that said, mad props if you finish! I like the idea… you are probably too busy working to even read this, well… when you post your final, maybe you’ll see this then lol.


Nothing much to show on my storyboard since it’s an interview in one shot.
Still here it is.


This picture is part of the making of. I’m posting it to show the final look of Duncan.
I thought I was running out of time, but I see there still is 3 days left. I’m confident I will be able to finish it on time now!
The film is done, I just have to tweak the effects here and there. Then I’ll need some time to create english subtitles, a making of, a flv conversion then uploading it.


Duncan is finished!
It was a stressful but fun journey. I’m glad I could make it in time.

Meet Duncan…

EDIT: I’m trying to figure out how to upload with cguploader… I get an error message every time the upload is finished ._.


Software: After Effects

The Secret Services of the United Worlds developped geneticaly modified Secret Agents to fulfill missions through out the universe. Duncan is one of them.

Play Video >>


Interesting story, and I think the actor really nailed it. You seemed not so sure. He did great, very natural and believable. Nice work!


Thank you for your kind comment Dave. I’m always lacking confidence when it comes to acting, not because of the actors, but because of my poor skills at directing actors. I’m constantly working on it, though. :slight_smile:


Hello, i think the acting is pretty spot on, it does give you a sense of ‘I want to see him change into a creature!’ so i was intrigued when watching, congrats. :buttrock:


Thanks for your comment! I’m sure Simon will freak out when he reads all those kind words on his performance xD He’s a great actor. We’ve worked a lot together and I’ve never been able to take the best out of his talent untill this film, so I’m pretty happy :smiley:


Honorary mention o.O; :blush: :blush:
I wish I knew where to say thanks to the jury and CGTalk peeps . . .
The film was very hard to finish. I’m honored.


You can be proud of your work.
j’ai adoré, on en redemande.



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