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  Latest Update: Final Image: After feeling safe
 Since the militer has taken over the country the voice of the people has become smaller and smaller. Although they try to fight the corrupt regime with demonstrations there is no chance for the people anymore to change the situation because nobody can proof the incorrect wheelings and dealings of the militer. so the last chance is to send a secret agent who has to find the clear evidence of the corrupt behaviour of the regime.
  For this purpose they are sending a guy who is able to work undercover either as a man or woman.  When he(she) is invited to accompany the general to a big militer gathering, he´s finally able to get an evidence for the corrupt ways of the militer from three military men whom he finally kills in the toilet where there is no camera surveillance.
  After feeling already safe he´s having a piss when suddenly more militer is entering the toilet...

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this is just warming up, intermezzo one hour with this sketch.honestly i dont have concrete idea at the moment,i am quite busy with project-but perhaps in the next month or next two month or the last hour, i am very happy to see this challange.this is the place where we meet(virtual) and share the knowledge.good luck to everybody in the challenge


Hey, nice sketch! Did you use Scarlet Johansson as a facial reference? I thought I detected some resemblance.

Good luck, can’t wait to see more!


Nice it looks like the cover of a comic book :slight_smile: Nice sketch !


Looks great, love the colours and the stile.


everything is not fix right now.
i dont take any facial reference for this sketch,this was just quick and dirty.but you are right she is a bit like scarlet johansson.
i just have a look her picture on google, probably isnt bad idea to take her as a reference,
have fun…


Impresive Shoot!

God job! Keep it!


nice look to her can wait to see more


this is good stuff man, i love the green texture and her gesture as come get some!! hehehe


he he he. nice looking agent. looking forward to ur work.:slight_smile:


nice warming up~
and can’t wait to see your job:)


She is hot! I liked!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep the good work!


she is gr8 nice pose a I looking forward to your progress


very nice work!!


Sexy agent :smiley:


I am sure you are going to do a great job.
You are one of my faves.


That’s a really nice sketch!


Actually. Yeah. This is the best thing that ive seen in here so far. I like where its going. But i hope that you get to finish it. Looking foward to it.


Very nice concept! Looking forward to your progress!

Selamat pertanding!



wow I love it! I’m definitely diggin her face and expression!