Secret Agent Entry: Goro Fujita


Cool stuff man, very 70’s style agent with a splash of modern. I like it. :bounce:


Sweeeeet. Very inspiring work!

Congrats on finishing and good job cranking that sexy dial. (The whole thing is great but that has to be my favorite part.)


phew we made it!
and I think I only lost a year or two off my life.
A good trade off maybe?
Anyway, thanks for all the support and kind words as we cranked this thing out.
I know everyone who worked on this had a great time, hecktic but great.
I couldn’t be more impressed with what my team mates were able to do.
This was probablly the most rewarding and smooth colaboration of wich I have ever been a part.
It makes me want to do another one with these exact same guys!
Maybe start a mini studio or something…hmmm

Now I am off to check out all the other awesome entries. now that I have the time.


Really cool video, and as it been said already, very inspiring. :applause:


Superrrrrrrawesomeeeeeeeee :buttrock:


Wow, nice work guys, cool style. Love the characters


Very solid entry! Your team did an amazing job getting it done! I love the style of the character. THe compositing with the background elements and 2d stuff is really cool!

Wish this would be a tv serie :slight_smile: go bother some producer please! :deal:


Great style, great models, great animation and great final video.
A lot of great work. I am well impressed. Hope you had fun working on it becasue it looks like a lot of fun.


Thanks for the comments.
I am pleased that everyone seems to be enjoying the style.
I came as sort of a hybrid of Goro and my own personal work.
Some things were intentional while others were due to time constraints.
I’ll let you decide which ones.
It worked out quite well in the end.

best of luck to all the entries.


Hey Guys,
Excellent job!!:bowdown: all your hard work paid off, for this is simply stunning, well done and profesh!!:thumbsup:


Karisa :wink:


amazing Job Goro & co !!

banana likes !!!


i checked your thread sept 11th as i thought that was the final deadline date. i didn’t see any updates so i figured u had given up and so i didn’t check back! thanks for the reminder Goro!!

totally amazing job… to have a team working from abroad and do something like this with a tight deadline and no money is very, very inspiring!

I wish you all luck in the voting and i hope to see you doing something like this again!


congratulations to the win! i hope to see you here again in the next challenges to come, even though you won the big price this time. it’s always a pleasure to follow your works, individually or as a team. bastards!!! :thumbsup:


yaaay thnx fellah!

After the challenge I took some time to clean up our entry. This is in HD :slight_smile:

and the making of
thanks again everyone for our support!!


Congratulation to you and to everyone who finished :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

See you on the next challenge :wink:


Congratulations!! Great to watch a great piece like this ending up with a master.
Cheers… :slight_smile:


Congrats on the big win Goro, Kory, Nico, and Ryosuke. Your entry was awesome. Hopefully we will see more from this team.


Great work !
there is a little mistake in the cgchallenge page.( perhaps i type the texte in the wrong section).
The comment’s i made,“Something between Cobra and dirty harry. Great animation and beautifull music. I wish to see this on tv.” was for you.

i hope to see more of your works ! :buttrock:


congradulation, Nice work.


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