Secret Agent Entry: Goro Fujita


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Agent Omicron


Hi there!
So here it goes!
I’m teaming up with Kory Heinzen and Nico Sanghrajka so far. Kory and I are looking for Ideas right now. We were thinking about creating something like a TV series intro sequence. I will post our character ideas later.
I’m super excited and hope we can finish in time!

Kory did this first sketch. More to come!


Exciting stuff! good luck!


I am excited, too!
… and curious! :slight_smile:


This is going to be soooo much fun.

We already have had some great brain storming sessions.
look out for some kick ass concepts and animations from GORO.
Hopefully I can keep up with him.
Yes, more to come!



Here is our idea for the main character. The secret agent. We are aiming for a cartoony style. This is my attempt on the character based on Kory’s rough 3D model.
We still have to figure out the clothings.

Kory already started modeling this guy.


that’s a pretty sweet character design! Looking forward to seeing yours already!


Kory’s first attempt on the female character in our story.

To save time we try not to go beyond 3characters. Two main characters and one generic character.


Great, now I have to draw faster.
We don’t want to give the people too much!
HA HA. just foolin
PLENTY more where that came from!



Damn you! Give us more! :smiley:

Looking amazing so far guys…the designs are totally fresh!


Thanks Tyson.
more to come. Goro just has to post em!

BTW I LOVE love LOVE! that Nike spec spot you did.
I watch it all the time.
and tell the spilled oil guys good job on that one too!


nice artwork man :beer:


I did a painting for a potential shot in our intro sequence. The secret agent spying on his enemies.
We will come up with more concept paintings soon.


Looking pretty damn good! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. Glad to see you all in- I’d say you’ll make a fantastic team. Can’t wait to see the end result!

Good luck!


Hey Goro and Kory, Looking good! Best of luck to you guys in the video challenge. Loving the retro feel to the characters. It leaves so much flexibility you can put into rigging and animating these guys.



WOW!! . I liked the feel and also the character. Best of luck goro and koryH :thumbsup:


Kick ass stuff!
Good luck guys, you already rock.


Hey :wavey: Good to see you back again. Your character designs already rock as always :slight_smile:


great style , reminds me of " incredibles " , really cool stuff , keep it up :buttrock:


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GoodLuck with the challange