Secret Agent Entry: Gon?alo Br?s Pereira


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Latest Update: Final Image: Rabbit menace


Here?s my idea, a quick and dirty pencil sketch but its enough to get me started.
A white rabbit spy, investigates a pack of wolfs who labors to build a weapon that will catch all the rabbits in the World! he?s job is dangerous but he got to stop them!
quite cliche, but it should be fun.

good luck everyone!



Really nice sketch man! looking forward to some more.


Wow, that’s neat. You’re already doing great with just the sketch, great mood and originality.


Love the concept, can’t wait to see this!


Thank you guys!:smiley: lets see how i´ll handle this

quick note: I think i´ll twist the idea, the spy being a wolf and the rabbits the conspirators, more fun context…

Thank you.



this is awesome!! love the wolf idea!

good luck!! I hope to see you on the race track!


Good concept with the turn in the idea is very much fun, seeing some of your previous works level added to this idea this surely goes to be one of the best of the competition.:wink:

Good luck



gotta love the bunny wolf idea, absoltly awesome, cant wait to see the results.


very very very nice concept! I LOVE UR STYLE! great!:beer:


hey hey hey :):):slight_smile:

i like the concept sketch so far, looks like it is going to be very fun.
i’m so glad u r participating too, cant w8 to see the progress on this one :slight_smile:


looks really good there even as a sketch,i like it already!keep this coming mate


nice concept buddy, would follow ur thread. :slight_smile:


Nice concept! I can really see the lighting possibilities you have with this scene. I like how the silhouette’s of your main characters are clearly visible and will help tell the story.


The idea is great! I´m looking forward to see how you make the wolves look evil :wink:


Yup, made me chuckle when I read the idea outline. Think this could work nicely. Quite like the compostion/storrytelling already.


Hi everyone, thank you very much for all the support guys!

update some quick sketches for the rabbit characters to establish some direction for them, better keep it simple this stage.
Now i got to figure the wolf spy and the machine designs… i?ll probably be using 3ds max for some really basic models to help me with perspective and lighting and paintover it for the final image, anyway i give it a try since i want to explore this kind of stuff for a while and see if can pull something decent out.

thank you



is there a little killzone inspiration in those rabbits? they remind me a lot of the helghast uniforms…

they look quite awesome…


Hi GonçaloVery nice idea. Using animal characters will give it a fresh air. he concept sketches looks very good.

keep it up and have fun:beer:


COOL!!! superb style and palette!! :thumbsup: