Secret Agent Entry: Fernando Porcel


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Latest Update: Final Image: The searing kiss of hot lead


Here again in a new CGS challenge, good luck to all and have fun !! :smiley:

I dont have a clear concept yet, but trying some first ideas. I want a film noir environment for the concept. Here are the first rough sketches.


Working on some ideas for the atmosphere and mood for the concept.


like the whole film noir angle. can’t wait to see what your final comp looks like. best of luck mate!


Hey Ferx

I miss you Carnal, hehe… nice to see you enter in this, the atmosphere is great, look like dark novel or gothic city, i wainting for story and update, Very good start.

Good Luck!!!:buttrock:



I’m so glad you made time for this challenge, honestly, it wouldn’t be the same without you!
And now that you are here, I’m all eyes to see yout masterful paintings, once again!
Big fan of your work, amigo!
Have fun!


Will - Thanks for your words!! I really appreciate it! Cheers!! :beer:

Gustavo - ¿Que onda pana?? :smiley: Really glad that you liked the environment concept. I really dont know the concept that I want to develop for this challenge, hahahahah, I need some tequilas for inspiration! :smiley: Thanks again for drop by. Cheers!! :beer:

Mathias - Hey kompis!! :smiley: Really thanks my friend!! I dont want to miss the all fun of this challenge :smiley: And always is a great pleasure to ride along your side in the CGS challenges :smiley: Thanks again for your words and encouragement, a great motivation!! Cheers!! :beer:


Another rough sketch in the film noir and retro style. I like the rainy idea for the concept. Ok, I dont have any strong concept yet… hahahaha :smiley: I´m a bit dry of ideas… time to call the tequila muse :smiley:


Hi Fernando :wavey:

Glad to see you participating.
I actually like the first concept in post 3, it has that mystery feel to it…
Good luck with the challenge!


great start :slight_smile: moody stuff.

which one you going with ?


Sasha - Really thanks for drop by my thread :smiley: We are missing you, in the dark side of the force :smiley: Is not the same without you :slight_smile: I´m thinking in a variation for the sketch on post 3, but with that dark and misty background. Thanks again for your words! Cheers!!

Alwyn - Thanks mate! I don’t know what will be my final concept. I want to explore some concepts more to clarify my ideas (I hope hahahahah :D) Cheers!! :beer:


Film Noir…hmmm… Have you thought of doing something like… a “Casablanca” image?

World War 2… Morroco… love… betrayal… and Black and White?

Your second painting… tells me you’ve thought of something like that. But I’m thinking if you look up Casablanca it might form faster.

Hope that helped! :slight_smile:


Giancarlo - Thanks for the comment ! You are right, I´m thinking a bit in a retro style in the line of “Casablanca” and perhaps a bit more darker enviroments like “Maltese Falcon” or “The Big Sleep” :slight_smile: And if I use a evil woman for the concept for sure I use Lauren Bacall like inspiration :D. “Love and betrayal” is a cool idea for the concept, thanks for pointing that! And thanks for the “Casablanca” link, very useful for sure! Cheers!! :beer:


Exploring another idea. More in the line of “Tech Noir” (cyberpunk style) and “Future -noir” films.


Yes… maybe like… a scene where the Humphrey Bogart character is being arrested by Nazis and the Ingrid Bergman/Leading lady type is pointing to him (sold him out) while weeping and looking away from him… and the Bogart guy is shocked… and sad… Maybe holding his passport (there is NO entry in this contest depicting travelling papers!).

The Bogart type realizes with so many Nazi threats… she had no choice. And his face is a mish-mash of sadness… but maybe also understanding. Everybody’s gestures would be in that expressive “before bullet holes were made” style of Movie acting.

Oh you can almost hear the sad music… see the cigarette smoke in the cabaret… In black and white this kind of scene can be very strong.

Good luck! :smiley:


Excellent stuff, Fer!
I like the way the convergence point goes way down in your last sketch and the curvy sides of the building lines! This is what great about you, putting attention to a great composition!
Somehow I wish you could also be considering a comic concept, among these you have already posted, the kind of innocent, harmless humor you tend to have in your works!
But no matter which sketch you choose, you aways render a great image in the end!
Have fun, amigo!


hi Ferx,i like your last idea,will you stick with it,or are you still looking for other ideas and compositions?good luck and thanks for your comments on my thread,ill upload new image soon


hi ferx. thx to stopping by. youve got a similar envi with my scene. lol. keep on updates.


nice concept ideas, i like the one with the guy smoking a cigarette under the lamp, it’s very moody, it would make for a great final image.


Thx for stopping by,
cool idea looks like the spiderman stuff hope to see great sense of speed in the final one.

Greets, Tom