Secret Agent Entry: Ding Wang


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Latest Update: Final Image: Just another day at work!


trying to figure out the layout


I am having trouble choosing the final ideas.
Plz I am seeking some feedbacks on this, any comment or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

BTW final image will be done in 3D, I am just trying to visualize my idea


very good concept mate and nice looking. Keep forward. Best!


hi, good work so far, i love it!! very exciting to see, suggestion, maybe you have her head turn to the audience with a smile or laughter if though she really meant to kill him… take care for now, can’t wait to see this one completed!!


The left-most one and central one seem to denote Despairing situations because her chances of triumph with a handgun against a tank or Octopus(!) seem very small.

My first thought was: “Oh… her squad is dead… she’s the only one left”.

Then again the Octopus is out of water… so maybe it doesn’t have long before it succumbs.

The Right-Most one ironically looks like a triumphing situation. She killed off her enemies and can now be extracted.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


ShogunWarrior: thank you for the input, I did wanna show her face a little bit, but dont wanna ruin the story that the image convey. but you did gave me a hint, lemme try out sth tonight :buttrock:

CGIPadawan: hey, thank you for the comments, its always good to know what others’ first impression is about the visual story.

to me, I think the last one looks “quiet” visually, the middle one is more intense. thats why I got this dilemma :smiley:


I really like the hair as a graphic element. Very eye catching. I agree that it would be nice to see her face. You might consider sketching out a version like that just to compare against the other images, you can then reject it if you end up not liking it. You could have her running or crawling towards the camera and away from the octopus, for example. Or have her face reflect in the metal vehicle or a shiny tentacle.

  It might help you choose which version is your favorite if you pin down what your focal point of the image will be. The guy's face in the foreground is competing against her lighter colored rear end and her flashy red hair. Where do you want to draw the viewer's eye?  As a composition, I prefer the center image because the tentacle circles around her head, framing it and drawing your eyes to her head. It also feels more exciting as a story.


thanks to the comments and suggestions guys, I think i pushed the concept and story one step furthur

also I made tighter drawing on the girl, if the time is allowed, I will try to make both 2D and 3D version

Thanks for viewing, comments and suggestions r always welcomed


woweee! awesome hair! :buttrock: her pose rocks too! lookin back sayin “@#$@$#” :smiley:
i wonder what’s gonna be next …
cheers n good luck mate!


hey , thanks you
next I will sketch out the character concept, mostly for the suit
and find some reference for the background, as of now, I think it will be in some kinda warehouse:wip:


changed a few things today
added a brief case she got from the evil doctor who has a robotic arm lying on the ground,lol
hope this makes more sense story wise, I really wanna nail down the concept before I start anything in 3D


The scientist with no hands… Yes… now THAT is getting into the Spy Movie Spirit!

Looks great.


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:thumbsup: Great perspective / camera angles…

Looking good so far… keep the great work coming :bounce:


cdmacy: Hey, for some reasons, I didnt see your reply until today, those are some really valuable suggestions, I will definitly keep it on mind! thank you:thumbsup:

CGIPadawan: yeah, it makes sense now eh?hopefully I will figure out some background elements to make the story stronger.
panwei5201314: Sorry man, but its kinda hard for me to understand what you are trying to say:rolleyes: Maybe PM me in chinese

MrFreeman: hey, thanks for dropping by, ur entry looks very interesting too!


It is a common concept in James Bond films that a villain can have a physical deformity or physical condition.


Ernst Stavro Bloffeld - Has a scar of unknown origin that has deformed the right side of his face.

Largo - Eye patch

Dr. No - Mechanical Hands

Gettler - Blind in one eye

Jaws - Metal teeth

Le Chiffre - Cries tears of blood

Oddjob - Mute

These sub-human/disgusting parts of the villains are meant to degrade them as persons compared to the fit and good looking Spy Hero. It is a use of contrast to get certain reactions from the audience. (eg: Audience Likes Hero, Dislikes Villain).

That is why I said your idea is in the same spirit as the classical spy movies. :applause:

That’s all. :slight_smile:


so sorry man,lol, I was actually trying to reply “panwei5201314”, dont know how I got ur name on there, so sorry man, but yeah, I also agree with what you just replied, will try to implant those characteristics into the character


I like the one in which you have orange lighting. It seems to be the most solid concept.


Is there a reason why you think its better than the others? I’d really love to know why:)