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Latest Update: Final Image: Red Square


And we start all over again! And I thought I’d get a little rest over the summer! :wink:

What a great theme this time, I’m so excited about this one! This time around, I really hope I can come up with a great finished image at the end! Key word, finished. I’ll be making and following a detailed schedule. I have so little free time, this is the only way I’ll be able to make it! :wink:

As for my idea, when I think secret agents and spies, I think espionage, and in turn I think Cold War. And one of the most iconic locations of the Cold War, Moscow. My scene will be taking place on Red Square in the center of Moscow. I’m still working out the exact details of it, but I’ll keep you guys posted!

Hopefully I’ll cross paths again with familiar “faces” from previous challenges! I’m looking forward to seeing your entries as well! Best of luck to everyone who enters!


Hopefully I’ll cross paths again with familiar “faces” from previous challenges

Heias Chris!
I had to cover my face because of all the “Secracy” going on in this challenge, that’s why you didn’t see me, but hey, good luck buddy and let’s see some of your fantastic creations!
Red square sounds like a great Idea, by the way!


First update.


Ok, so a little more about my concept. Like I said, it takes place during the Cold War. Spies used to use “dead drops” to sneak out information to other agents. They’d use many different locations, like a hole in a tree, under a bridge and…under a park bench. Now, whether or not an agent would be crazy enough to leave a dead-drop to be picked up smack dab in the middle of Red Square remains to be seen. But I thought I’d have a little fun with it!:slight_smile: So in my image, a park bench, with the “dead-drop” that will be stuck underneath, in the middle of Red Square!

The image above is the blocking I made for making everything the right proportions. It’ll also work as a concept sketch to show you guys what I have in mind. I also did 3 slightly different camera angles…which one do you prefer?! Any suggestions on composition?

Comments and suggestions are always greatly welcome! :slight_smile:


Hey Christopher!!

Great to see you in this challenge my friend!! :smiley:
Like a lot your initial concept, great potential on it!! And that perspective looks really great, I like a lot the point of view. Perhaps a mailbox with agent 13 in it hahahahahaha… kidding :smiley:
Cool work, and looking forward for more updates, suscribed to your thread :smiley: Cheers my friend!! :beer:


great camera angle and distortion, this will add a lot drama to your scene, I think the number 1 sketch is really great!
can’t to wait to see more!


Hey man… good to see you here and already with a good concept idea and camera angles. I’ll keep my eyes on this thread.

All the best in the challenge!


Looks like a neat concept. Best of luck mate!


Yeah, I like the thinking behind this one a lot. I suspect that the 2nd shot’s going to work best for the dead-drop beneath the bench, as it draws attention to that area more.


Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile: Great to see you here!

I still haven’t decided on my camera angle…so if you guys have any preferences: 1, 2 or 3?!

I’m currently starting on the modeling of Saint Basil’s Cathedral:

I’ll try and have an update up soon!


Cool! He’s started! And I’ll add that it’s mighty good to see you in the challenge too.

I really like the wide-angle-lens look you have going here. It adds some interest and a hint of extra drama/tension to the scene.

I’m finding it hard to pick a favorite render, especially at this early stage in the project, but if I had to make a choice I’d perhaps say number 2, but with the camera pointed very slightly more to the left so that the chair is not so close to the edge of the frame


Thanks Mark! Yeah, I guess I’ll just save those 3 camera angles and then check back later when the modeling is more advanced to see which one works best! Hope to see you around!


Start of modeling


Here is the higher-res version, much better! :smiley: For some reason it created a smaller version of my image when I uploaded it through the site…must have been to big to submit…oh well.

So, here is the start of my modeling! It’s the top of the center spire of the Saint Basil Cathedral:

C&C very much welcomed!


man i love that building…its just so…colourful…lol…

really looking forward to seeing it fleshed out in its entirety


Haha! Yeah, so colorful! And it’s also been really awesome to study it’s architecture as I model it, really crazy stuff! :smiley:


Man, that’s some amazing architecture! YOu have a unique way to model this kind of meshes, I’m all eyes now to see the rest of the Red square!
Good luck!


Thanks a lot mate! :smiley:


looking good so far …keep it up :wip: