Secret Agent Entry: Cheong Hoe Yi


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Latest Update: Final Image: Art Ventura 

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Fireantz Studios is having a composition crisis. And who else better to call than ART Ventura the CG Detective. Art Ventura is a carricature of Ace Ventura and has solved numerous mysterious CG cases. And now before you he and his pet monkey poses a smile in order to complete the mission.

  Mission Complete Agent Ventura, you may return to your canvas now...:wavey:
Art Ventura's tag: To draw and create...Your arts.
 Special thanks,
 Wye Ee, Ashley, friends, cgtalkers, me...and Jim Carrey.


Hey everyone,
This is my agent entry, I calling him Agent Ventura. Inspirited by my idol JimCarrey’s Ace Ventura. So,to keep that “ventura” feeling, I m gonna caricature JimCarrey as my main character design. Of course, with his pet( white-face monkey). Overall idea will keeping refining. C & C is welcome.


Here is my research about Ventura.

Overall idea and the similar piece.


Here is my modeling WIP . I started modeling as original Jim Carrey’s face, then deform to caricature. Enjoying~!


cool man, I love ace ventura!:applause:



HAHA this is wicked. One of my favourite comedies! Great start, looks just like him :slight_smile:


This is simply GREAT modelling. Exceptional skills.


I F***ing love this one, good laugh…


Nice subject and great caricature.


Mouahah ! weel done ! Hilarious !


Jman, Yeah~ Me too. :scream:

Matellis, Thanks man, I’ll keep it up to posted more progress here.

grooshka, Wow…thanks for that.

dvgart, Wuahaha, glad that you enjoying too.XD

thablanchh, Really? thanks man…I got more passion to continue it :banghead:

gpepper, Yo…appreciated that~!


Here is other views of JIM’s caricature.
Thanks for guys who leave msg here. C & C is always welcome~!


i really like the way you have captured ace ventura’s expression.


It’s my updated.

kull222- Hey man, thanks for the comments~!


That’s a fantastic beginning, Cheong. The standard on this challenge is going to be incredible. So many superbly talented people out there.


Hahahah that looks freakin awesome :smiley:


Very nice head,

keep up


Hilarious, I love it :smiley:


wow this is some fantastic modelling,can’t wait to see more


really nice sculpture, cant wait to see more!