Secret Agent Entry: Andrew Blackman


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Latest Update: Final Image: Rouge Roulette


okay here goes. Sorry about the poor quality, i like to draw big, so i end up having to scan the image in pieces and putting it back together, hope you can understand it. Anyway my concept in a nutshell is a female super spy on high tech rollerskates escaping from a pursuing copter. I’m pretty excited about this one, good luck to everyone in the challenge.


Great concept…I’m also very excited about this one.


hi Rivenis,nice concept u’ve got here,good luck.


now this is going to be interesting…full action…nice work


Good start Rivenis, I’ll keep watching.


well here’s my new concept, decided not to use the previous one cuz a colleague of mine is using a similar idea. This one does appeal to me more cuz its more character driven, my main goal is to create a sense of action and animation, so i’ll be adding lots of flying gambling chips and stuff


just added some colour and started rendering


just a little change in the background colour, decided to make it a little warmer. Also trying to work on the skin to find the right balance. Its defintiely challenging


:thumbsup: WOW, i really love you scketches the first one looks great to me. The girl with the skates looks really strong and determined.

I have a feeling your gonna make a great image.

Keeping an eye on this thread:D


well you know what im gonna say …anatomy, I’d tell you where …but i’ll just message you when your online. It could also be a little less cropped.


just trying to get the spy right, its driving me crazy


here’s some more, gotta start working on that roulette table soon


just a little work done from this morning before having to go to work. I noticed, the comments are really raining down on this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


ok your taking your time on that there girl…its coming along well aside from the crits i gave…but i hope you get it all done.


just some more work done


That face is just great. This is going to be top knotch.


thanks alot


Hey Andrew,

Cool point of view for your image :smiley: nice action feel on the concept. Maybe the eyes of the girl looking more to the background, to the chasing enemys, only a comment :slight_smile: Good work and waiting for more updates! Cheers!! :beer:


thanks alot for the kind words ferx, i agree with you about her eyes looking to the pursuers, i’ve tried many times but i just can’t get it to look right when i do that, it always looks kind of weird, especially her left eye, it looks a little deformed, in fact as it is i’m still not quite satisfied with it. Anyway i’ll keep at it