Secret Agent Entry: Amir Jahanlou


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Hello guys

We are participating as a team in the video category, do we still post in the same forum? (i mean right here? ).



Hi everyone! :wavey:

        Amir has asked me to breathe some life back into this thread and I'll attempt to keep the updates rolling through the remainder of the challenge. :)
    As Amir has posted earlier, we are entering as a team, and our efforts are geared towards the submission of a film trailer in the "flashes of iconic imagery" style, featuring the integration of live action and CG/VFX.
        Most of our team members are animation and film students at the SAE Institute in Dubai, UAE. We anticipate varying levels of contributions from our team members; from the singular production of minor assets to more expansive and multifaceted work - we intend to spread the load across as many willing and able-bodied individuals as we can afford in order to meet the requirements of our shot list (to be posted shortly).
      We see this challenge first and foremost as a learning opportunity and look forward to sharing our work in progress as well as regularly keeping up with all the great work being produced by the other teams. :)
      Our current member list (as of July 25th; to be updated as required):
      Amir Jahanlou - Project lead
      [b]Live action team:[/b]
      Abdullah Al Nasrawi - actor; secret agent
      Ahmed Al Suwaidi - live action crew
      Akash Kingston Louis Gilbert - live action crew
      Catherine Philpott - photography and make-up
      Maisam Ibrahim - actress
      Niloufar Fouladi - live action crew
   Rene - camera operator

Sangeetha Sudarshan - make up
Sohail Pourdaryaei Nejad - location scouting, live action crew

      [b]CG team:[/b]

Amin Khimani - 3D artist; modeling
Delaram Abuoameri - 3D artist; modeling, lighting and shading
Farzad Farhad - 3D artist; modeling, lighting and shading
Jorell Benitez - 3D artist; modeling
Man Muktan - 3D artist; modeling, lighting and shading
Maryam Hassanpour - 3D artist; modeling, lighting and shading
Ritesh Biswas - 3D artist; lighting and shading
Ronak Shah - 3D artist
Sahar Abdel Karim - 3D artist; modeling, lighting and shading
Varun Gokhale - digital production coordinator, team communications

   Best regards, Varun


Page 1 of the shot list


Page 2 (of 4) of the shot list


Page 3 (of 4) of the shot list


Page 4 (of 4) of the shot list


Modeled by Jorell


Modeled by Maryam


Underground (work in progress) - modeled by Sahar


Motorcycle (work in progress) - being modeled by Farzad and Maryam


Helicopter - modeled by Man


Photo 1 of planning wall shoot

l-r: Sohail, Rene and Rene’s asst. :slight_smile:

Photo by Catherine Philpott


Photo 2 of planning wall shoot

Abdullah, playing the agent, at the planning wall

Photo by Catherine Philpott


Photo 3 of planning wall shoot

Live action team at work

l-r: Abdullah, Akash, and… Amir superimposed upon Rene - no CG going on here :slight_smile:

Photo by Catherine Philpott


Whoaa…you guys are busy! Looking good guys. Keep them coming :wink:


Looks very serious :slight_smile:
Good Luck


It seems very very cool!



Hey, thanks for the interest guys! :slight_smile:

This is the first time that any of us are attempting anything of this sort… hopefully we will learn a lot along the way and we’ll be sure to keep this thread updated as much as we can.

We had another shoot today and I’ll post details and images a little later. Also coming up will be updates on the 3D assets.

Best regards, Varun


Looks very good guys. Can’t wait to see more.