Secret Agent Entry: Am?lie Hutt


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Latest Update: Final Image: Dreaming The End


I’m thinking about a kind of comic page to show the action and reaction of the two characters. Mix of a comics and poster image, by now it can be read in any direction, it’s just a focus on the action.
The lady is the secret agent and the dude is the vilian, the story is gonna end right now. He comitted the mistake to trust her eyes. h?h?

First sketches by now.


I’m not sure wether it is a wip or a concept. Because it is still early I’ll say this is concept.

I don’t know by now if I’ll go within colours or if i’ll keep the black and white composition.

It would help me to know what you understand of the image by now and how you read it. ^^



oh wow, this is your final image?! (Just a joke, but it’s really very, very good so it could be!)

I love it, and the idea with this kind of comic-style is pretty cool. I will follow this thread very closely! The atmosphere is even now very dense, i hope you can catch it in your final image! Is it meant to be just black and white (like in Crime Noir Comics) or did you just “forget” the colours?

so long


lol, no I didn’t forget the colours. I dunno yet if I’ll do colours or keep it black, I wanted something stylish, so the black and white fits well… But, I spent only 3 hours on this, I feel like it is not enough. And I’m sure it’s not. I don’t feel like this could be enough for this challenge.
So Ill’ work more on it.


A try with colors added to the black&white. I’ll make another try with the colors.


another idea.


Hi there!

I love this last sketch: very dynamic!


next one from the same idea. I got them turning arround 'cause I’d like to draw the body of the girl. what d’you think?


I really like this last one!
How about a fight in the water? is an idea… :slight_smile:


looks like realy nice concept. love the lose drawing style. me thinks the agents cover is blown some what.

looking forward to seeing the finished artical:thumbsup:


That concept looks really cool! Best of luck!


studying the concept underwater. The problem is, underwater the gun is not gonna work. xD


I dunno how the red clothes react underwater, if someone has a reference picture.


Earlier you said a dream. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s underwater or not. I like this one the best of the “dream” ones. I don’t know if you moved on from the dream or not, but maybe combine.

Anyway… “that’s all I have to say about that.”


thanks BBR, I’ll try to find the right mix of both. I think I like this composition.


a different perpective to ur entry. keep it going. :thumbsup:


hi amelie, nice sketches and designs. You have good imagination i might say. Can’t wait to see more, take care for now.


I think I’ll keep this one. I’ll work on the focus with details on the face, expressions, the gun and arm and legs, and turn crazy with the hair and dress. Does it need something else?


a bit forward on the faces and changed the posing.