Second year pricing for MB Personal/Freelancer edition


Kaydara is currently working on a new product offering for MOTIONBUILDER that will include lower priced configurations. As part of this new pricing structure, we want to make sure that all of our Personal/Freelancer Edition users will have the best possible upgrade path once their one-year license is expired.

To this end, we will have a very special promotion where, if you own the Personal/Freelancer one-year license, you will be able to upgrade to a PERMANENT license of the base package of MOTIONBUILDER for ONLY $100USD. This once in a lifetime offer will be valid between August 1st and December 31st 2003. This means that you will end up paying only $200USD for a permanent license of MOTIONBUILDER!

After December 31st 2003, you will be able to upgrade to the base package of MOTIONBUILDER for only $350USD. Please note that you will need to upgrade BEFORE your license expires.

I don?t think that we could have made this promotion any more exciting but I think that we?ve gone out of our way to make this special! We believe that you will see the unbelievable value of this promotion and tell all your friends about this amazing upgrade path to a permanent license.

Kaydara cares about your business and we want to make sure that you will be happy using MOTIONBUILDER for a long time.




After this jaw dropping announcement all I can say is WOW!!! :bounce:


Wow!!! thank you guys so much. :beer:



Currently i dont have MotionBuilder, if i buy it now, my license will finish in an year from now, but if i do buy it, do i have acess to this promotion anyway?




very very cool Michel!

Thanks for the offer.:buttrock:


yeah if you buy the $100 version now come august you’ll be able to upgrade for another $100 and own permenate copy of motionbuilder - great deal i got the $100 motionbuilder already and its well worth it makes character animation easy =)


What will be missing from the base package? I assume you’re going to go with a modular approach like c4d?


are there any limitations what MOTIONBUILDER wil import/export from Lightwave and Maya? as I am loocking for a tool to get maya animations back into Lightwave for rendering and dont want to loose all cool skining and deformations you can do with maya ( softbody) dynamics and so on) ?
What actually are the differences between Motionbuilder and Motionbuilder PE? I can´t find anything on the site, it´s lacking quite a bit of information on what you get for 100 bucks against the regular price of Sale Price:$895.00 USD ( before it was $4,190.00 USD) I mean there must be some limitations, but nothing on the website mentions it. also the tech specs you can download are reduced to a minimum. nothing that says what it imports and what it exports exactly. it doesn´t tell me weather it is able to act as a scene converter between to other apps, with all the deformations and uv´s , so you don´t have to animate in maya ( or Motiondesigner) and then export the scene to Lightwave for texturing and rendering only to see that all the deformations are messed up and that I have to do it all over again in Lightwave. If it works all fine and I know what the limitations are, I won´t hesitate and order a copy today, but if it doesnt work propperly back and forth between Maya and Lightwave, then even 200 bucks are too much for me, as I dont have money to spend for fancy cardboard boxes to catch dust on the bookshelf. So please could anybody illuminate me with words of wisdom?


Download the video tutorials on, that should provide you with an idea of what the program does.


Great news! My only question is along the same lines as Brian_dlm - Will we retain all functionality we had for the preceeding year or is the “base package” a downgrade of sorts? Either way it’s the steal of the century at $200 - so not a complaint, just curiosity.



you actually want something like the Beaver Project, which bakes the deformations from Maya to a cache file for import into LW. MB will only get the motions of the joints across, not the deformations from your rig in Maya


If I upgrade, do I get a print manual instead of just online help?


When upgrading to the permanent license of MB5, you will get the complete package including the books (upgrade price does not include s&h fees or local taxes …)



I know its not too far away, but let us know about preorders, or can we expect Aug.1


Pre-orders will start August 1st.



August 1? I wont be here August 1! I guess I have to pre-order August 4 then when I return… :beer: :beer:


will the (as i’ve understood them from past discussions) $200 upgrades to MB 5 for those of us who have the Digit/free version of MB 4 also start on august 1?



Yeah, That’s exactly what I was wondering. Does the Upgread apply to the magazine version?


I don’t work for or am affiliated with Kaydara in any way, but I believe it does apply.

Upgrade from Digit: $200 US
Upgrade from $100 Freelancer Edition: $100 US


Indeed, ifgabel is correct. Digit and 3d world mag readers will be able to upgrade to MB5 for $200.