Second language?


Greetings everyone, English is my first language but im looking into learning another one for sake of the animation field.

So what language do you think is the most popular or second and benefit me the most in my 3d career?




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The language of lurve! :love:

(I’m shooting for Japanese… but I think that’s just so I can play import games)


Good one; programming aside, any other ideas?

French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish (These are the ones that come into mind as being the upper ones)


For business world, english. I also know french (my mother tongue, I also live in Montréal).

I don’t know spanish, but it couldn’t hurt.


Somebody once told me that if you speak English and Chinese, you can talk to more than half of the people on the planet. I guess it’s nice to think about if you’re studying Chinese. (Doesn’t make it any easier though.)


I second what Signal To Noise suggested :smiley:

Actually, if I could have chosen my second language when I was a kid (it’s a law in Finland that we have to learn Swedish as second language - which really, REALLY sucks (just ask Conan)) I would’ve chosen Spanish. Arguments in Spanish sound really cool, btw.

At the moment my mother tongue is Finnish, second language is Swedish(against my will), third language is English and fourth is C++ :wink:


I have also talked to some Chinese folks and found that they learn English in school and I was very surprised to actually find out that they were from China because of the fluency of their English. Also if I were going towards population wise I would think Hindi would be the choice.

Or even art wise, whetre do you see the richest art culture coming from?


German, learn German and you will find it easier to go throughout Europe. I know a bit of German myself, not enough to fully commit in a conversation.


Spanish!!! all the way!!! it used to be my native language…

used… because i started with english since i was 4… so now. i cant tell which one i’m better at :shrug:

learn spanish so you can go to Mexico and have the best time of your life! :bounce:

plus… spanish has so many curs words… yu will never again feel limited when cursing at your computer!!!

Viva México cabrones!


Well the only reason i would consider spanish is because i live near the boarder and the Spanish imigration into America is an on going deal. (Love mexican food so its all good)

But seriously folks, as far as buisness and gaining more culture as far as art where should i look to?


yeah, sorry for the REALLY biased post…

but I once saw a chart that had and aproxiamte number of people speaking a certain language… Chinese came first, spanish came second or third, etc… english came like 5th…

as for buisness… this is tricky…

a lot of industry is going to China, but mmost of it is just cheap labor things… and i don’t think CG is going to grow any time soon there ( I mean, in the next 10 - 20 years)

But I cannot tell you of one language that is better over another one… so you have to look at what and where you will be working on in the next few years. also if this job will have you tavelling alot or not… etc…

but whatever other language you choose will do nothing but help you in life, being bi-lingual or tri, or poly-lingual has never affected anyone before, plus, it will always look good on your resume!!


Probably Japanese, French or German, after all they have a healthy CG industry.


-Mas cerveza por favor!

-Donde el bano?

There, Spanish lesson is complete. Next!:wink:

In all seriousness, I think learning any second language will be of benefit. Especially with the current trend of companies outsourcing work to Third World (or cheaper) countries. This means there is still plenty of opportunity for business travel within such companies. I have do it for quality control or consulting. I know French & Spanish. I want to learn Japanese. And nowadays, Hindi or Urdu might be usefule since most work is going to India (although English is one of many official language there as well)!


i hate to admit it but malducin is right…

for now, I dont see any spanish speaking countries poping up in the CG industry…


German, I think. Or French. But since I don’t like French, nor German, I’ll going to learn Portugese, 'couse i’ts an official language in Brazil. And I like Brazil :slight_smile: :bounce:


Mhhhh, España is becoming strong in CG. Once you have learn any romance language it’s really easy to learn the others (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.). The other reason to learn Spanish is because Califonia sooner or later will be dominated by this language ;).


my first language is burmese and
second is english.
I will choose french as a third language .BUF :thumbsup:


I want to learn German :stuck_out_tongue:

Most German people I know,speak a remarkable French. :thumbsup:


I’m learning french, because I want to chat up French girls, oh and it’s a beautiful language blah blah blah. :thumbsup: