Second alien - Model


I’v youst started. Am going to make the whole model first then start on details. Coments is welcome.


Playing around a bit


some more


not bad i think someone was already doing it but what the heck. the more the merrier.


It would be nice whit some toghts about overal shapes and i also wonder if im supposed to model the whole body or make pices.


and perspectiv


I think still the head has a major problem, it must be rounder, now it looks a little evil, try to keep the cartoonish/friendly touch of the original concept. :slight_smile:
keep it up & don’t give up.



Have problems with getting it cartony looking and having enought detail att the same time, is there a wire frame pic on your model somewhere ila could help.
Have had a lot in school last year for me. Will probobly have a lot of time betwen the partys to model :slight_smile:


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