Seattle Chapter


I know kole has done some seattle ctalk meetings and such… so we need to start a Seattle cgsociety chapter. I just moved up here, and am going to the art institute… I love cg, and helping organize and start a chapter would be great. Meeting people is always fun, and I need more to do than school and work. It’s driving me nuts!:scream:
Hope to hear from some of you fellow Seattle… seattleites? seattleans? …



I’ll happily participate. We’ve got quite a few people kicking around this town between the east and west side.



sweet… finally a reply! hehe… yeah I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard, once cgsociety gets more and more members… but i’m curious about linking cgsociety with the “standard” cgtalk members — i know that sounds lame… but i’m curious about what cgsociety members would do different without them


I’d love to participate, being a Seattlite myself. Unfortunately I’ll be attending VFS in BC for the next two years. Perhaps I can get a Vancouver chapter rolling in the meantime and join the Seattle chapter when I move back stateside in '07.


Count bentllama, in.

bentllama can even talk in 3rd person at the meetings if you like.

bentllama likes talking in 3rd person.


Solitude like 3rd person… he thinks bentllama should definetly do the 3rd person thing


the kole didn’t see this CGSociety Chapter section. the kole apologizes.

i’m all in. i’ll do as much as possible to get this rolling and a success. i’ll start IM’ing the people that were at the last meeting and have them post in this thread. i’m also trying to round up some software companies to show up and of course looking for fellow CGTalk’ers to talk about/demonstrate their crafts. i’m hoping this year that the meeting surpasses everyone’s expectations.


Ditto – hence the reason I “started” this chapter. So the question becomes, I guess, do we make anything different for cgsociety members over standard cgtalk users?


seattle society members get to play secret unreleased bungie games.


oh snap!

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that sounds like a good benefit =)


I’d love to join too, my time is pretty limited though, what with the wife, kid, job, and hell commute to Bothell and all. Not sure what I can bring to the table though.


It’s not a biggie dougbot – i have school, work, and an internship project – we’ll all do what we can, and if we can’t do anything to contribute, then that’s fine too… you can just suck in all the benefits when we figure out what we’re gonna do as a chapter. We need more members though. I was thinking for one of the first meetings we could all meet up at this place called nexus cafe. it’s on 2nd and lenora downtown, and it’s got like 10-20 xbox’s with 27 inch tvs in the back room, and lots of other board games and such – i’m sure it’d be fun for us to all get together and meet each other.



doug, everybody brings something to the table…even kole



well I’m going to keep an eye here, not in seattle, but being a mod in Vancouver I’m going to have to be involved in getting something started there, and first thing I’d do is make sure to have close contact with our closest neighbour. Bent shoudl have to get back in touch with his Canadian side anyways.


bentllama likes his canadian side.

bentllama like


hm, this sounds neato interesting. I’d get involved if something were to go on I think


I’m down. Late…but down.


i’m certain I couldn’t bring anything to the table but a vampiric need to suck information. That and I live in Lynnwierd. Any bets on how many people in lynnwood do cg?

Adri Sakamoto


so when we get a few more members, why don’t we all plan something so we can all meet up somewhere? Any ideas for our first meeting location? I mentioned earlier a new cafe downtown with some xboxs. We wouldn’t want to go on a weekend, as it will prob be too busy, but I’m open to suggestions, and then we can all plan on meeting somewhere, and if need be, I’ll go out of my way to do whatever I can do (preferrably w/o money!) to reserve a spot or whatever somewhere.
I figure out first meeting we can all just introduce each other and just hang. After that maybe we can start doing tutoring/workshop sessions and/or critiques or something more productive. Maybe collaborate on our own “Seattle Short”??