SEAT IBIZA-Rhinoceros and Vray


Hi guys!!!
Ive been working on this project about 3 weeks, now Im getting to the final look for the rendering, still some details to enhance to get it right.
Modeling is done in Rhinoceros and rendering in max with Vray.Output size is nearly 4k, I reduced a lot for the forum…
Hope to hear from you any kind of advice you find useful.



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Compositing stage


Hey man,
Looks like you’re off to a great start.

I would definitely model more of the interior if this is the angle you’re going to choose to render from.

It looks strange without any pillars inside (you can see the backside of the paint objects inside the car).

Also could use a rearview mirror.

Be sure to cut in some window shading as well (the black glass that’s along the edges where the windshield meets the body)

I think your foglights could use a little more detail on their interiors as well.

The model looks good, just needs a little more modeling to get it to the point of realism :slight_smile:


Thanks Nick!! You right, seems like it needs more details!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, Ill do the license plate too!!

OHH and nice website Nick!!


It’s looking already good.

In my opinion you should turn down the intensity of all of your lamps except the main one.
There’s no shadow in the car to show the volumes.


Hi Utopia, thanks!! Its my struggle right know, I need shadows in the hood for the shapes to read well!! Im re-rendering right know!!hehe
Thank you guyss

Ill post soon


I think It looks more interesting now!!
I ll add some rubber parts for the side windows tomorrow

Tell me what you think



modelling is very good but the render it need more work , if u want make out said render ok
keep on & good luck


Hey guys!!

Thanks Mr evil!! It will be very helpful for my rendering habilities if you could tell me what you would improve in my image, it is personal project so there is no restriction in time, so feel free to appoint any thing you would change.

Thanks everybody and good week!!


Well, for me the render seems to still look like that, a render.

I think the main body i dont know if it is its reflection that doesnt look right or the light is very homogeneous, so there is no focal or principal light source.

Well dont know its how I see it. Im looking some real references to see how to improve it!!


Here’s an update on the body lighting, I will do another more interesting reflection pass out of max and put it on top in photoshop.


I think it may be your light setup and possibly your paint shader… though I’m not sure!

The reflections across the paint are a little flat, especially compared to the ones on the glass.

I think what will make it pop is to get some popping highlights across the paint surface, most of the reflections look like they’re just a bit brighter yellow.

Check out this render, there’s some nice contrast in the highlights across the body, going from yellow to almost pure white.

Keep up the good work, it’s looking much better already!


Let me post this one out!!!

All yesterday building diferent studio lighting setups, exhausting!!!
Finally got some nice reflections and played a little with them in photoshop.

Anybody knows how to post a bigger resolution image??



What does your hdri look like? We built a car configurator at work and all we used to light the cars was a single hdri.

These are the car configurators we made:

Just select a car and choose whatever configuration you want. Might help for reference. It’s in dutch by chrome might translate it for you nicely.


nice and solid model, grear work!
as said before the lighting could be improved but thats up to you.

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Thank you guys!!
It is very challenging and time consuming the lighting process, I think Im done for now with this guy!!
Snipes-- Im not using HDRI lighting, there are some light reflectors done by myself. Simple as a beveled box with a light inside and a panel in front of the light acting as a softener of the light, so to make it more natural…no more.hehe As you can see in the image.

thanks for your comments if anyone wants to say more…