Searching a Specific Forum here


Hi - the search function of these boards seems to be worse than it was ! before the redesign.
Is there somewhere I can search just the MaxScript Forum - all Search box queries seem to default to the entire site - or all Max posts. and not specific to the Forum I’m in ?

Where’s the Advanced Search etc ?


You can search by sub-forum using a hash, so to search in the 3ds max subforum, put “mySearchTerm #autodesk-3ds-max” in the search box.

Unfortunately, the discourse search GUI does not seem to be implemented here, but it is all string based, so go to this search page and see how it works and just use it this forum:


Thanks for that - I’ll take a look. Not to user friendly then ?


Now I feel stupid, you can just use the “/search?expanded=true” part in this site, so this does work: