seams "appear" in painter after exporting from designer.


I hope im okay asking a question like this here. sorry if not.

It probably easier to show than to explain so:

I’ve done my best to make it so that you can see it from the same angle in both applications. the seam is even more visible in UE4

The unwrap looks like this, the normals are all in the right direction and everything is on the same smoothing group. I have also tried increasing the dilation right up but this has no effect

And this is the normal map im using:

Can anyone suggest what i am doing wrong here, or point me in the direction of a tutorial that will put me on the right track.

ANY help would be massively appreciated. thanks.


I’m not entirely certain on this but I can think of two things:

1 - Maybe your normal maps have the channels flipped (you exported a OpenGL normal and imported into a DirectX project in Painter), make sure they are correct. You said it gets worse in UE4, so it reinforces that theory, as UE4 works with DX normal direction.

2 - Try to join those two UV islands into one. The less seams you have the better.


Thanks for the responce, Unfortunately that wasn’t the issue, i contacted substance about this and they said it was possibly the fact that i had exported the models as OBJs rather than FBXs from zbrush which can cause it to gain hardened edges.


Oh, I didn’t know file formats could cause issues like this. I also prefer FBX over OBJ for Substance because of naming and ID baking issues, but nothing like this.

But good to know it was solved, I’ll pay attention to this in the future as well :slight_smile: