Seamless use of Sub-Patches and regular polygons



This thread goes into detail about how to do it. It’s a cheat, but when the conditions are right, it works well.



love the camera!
love the sudb trick but dont get it, cuz im a modelling newbie basically…so mind explaining it a little better?

is this basically a way around 4 point subds or just polys with subds?


> love the camera!

Thank you Howard.

> is this basically a way around 4 point subds or just polys with subds?

No… it’s a quick and easy way to fill an odd-shaped flat area with a regular polygon and have it merge with Sub-patched 3 and 4 point polys without seams. This way you don’t have to make a puzzle-pieces fit and fill up these unusual shapes with 3 and 4-sided polys. You can just make it one big multi-point poly.

The best way to figure it out is to load up the object file I attatched to the thread there. Turn off Sub-Patches (tab key), and look at it in weight-shade mode… View the “SubPatch Weight” weight map. It should then be clear how it is done.

If this is all above your head, perhaps you have not yet reached a need for this trick. It’s a helper to people who do alot of sub-patch modeling.



I did load that object, and even tried to do what you did, but my one poly still had seams where it met the subd…but ill figure it out! hmmm, maybe my test object just had openGL errors, but not in layout…ill try again.
so the trick is the double flat bevel right?
or maybe im not weighting right…to get the seams to work right do you select the points where the poly/subd meet and change the weight map, or do I just select the one poly and tweak its weight…i think thats where im stuck…even though Im new to subds, Ive been watching you all for years, so I get most of it…

thats awesome though…not having to have a flat poly made up of many jigzaw pieces!

you should post a wireframe of the camera so we can see the trick on a real object!


Nah I looked at it… It won’t help you. I only used it here and there in a few places.

Yes, simply pick the big, flay polygon and go into the “SubPatch Weights” weight map and use Set Map Value to change the weight to 100%.

If you double-flat-beveled it, it should work.

The last thing you may have to do is tweak the points belonging to your big flay poly in case some of the sub-patch polys are folding over them.


Hi Howard I’ve got some info about it on my site, scroll down about half way


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