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Hey there,

This is a quick story about the challenges in concept and production workflow which the team at Seagulls Fly in Brazil tackled for a Volkswagen Ad in the last couple months.
Read their story, click and play the video of the spot onscreen and feel free to comment.


amazing freak work!:bounce:

Congrats to all of you!!


This is super fantastic work PaulHellard, I congratulate the team for such a fine masterpiece :wink:


Too sad that is a short ad. I love Seagulls Fly’s work! To work with them is one of my dream jobs :smiley:
Congrats to everyone!


Hey, great work and thanks again to share all this information with us. :wink:

Bruno, working with them was also my dream, too bad they are too far from my city. :smiley:




Wow ! Nice Article Paul. Thanks a lot for that. It give’s our team the chance to share some nights of work and this is another fun part of the job, to enjoy the results.

There are more Ads comming and already done by SeagullsFly team. We hope to be able to post then as soon as possible…
I like then all and hope you guys will like it too. :slight_smile:

We can post more images from Making-of here, cause it's not fitted on the paul's article... :) 
I will arrange that images from the "making-of" and post then here. :)


Done. Theres is some more “bonus” pictures from the making-of :

This last image shows the pass for the indoor render of the factory. The strange collored pass, is the incredible NORMAL pass. :) This able us to change the direction of the key light on the post production, in realtime. :) Very cool. :)


The look and feel reminds me of Blue Sky’s Robots. The little helper’s face reminds me of Bigweld.



Awesome! Very cool this Normal pass thing!! :thumbsup:
Is possible to do something like this in Blender. What software was used in the composition stage? Cheers!

E dá-lhe Brasil!! :scream:


parabens, bem bacana, tinha ouvido falar nesse esquema normal pass e achei que era lenda.


Marcelo - WOW !!! Parabéns !

Congratulations to the whole team !

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pow achei bem legal, raramente se ve um comercial brasileiro com alta qualidade grafica.
Eu qria saber onde tem um lugar no Brasil pra fazer um curso desse, pq aqui no Canada ta mtoooo caro hahahaha xD


Very cool work!

Thank you for sharing msouza. :thumbsup:


fantastic work!


Nice work!

Hey Paul, the translation is wrong :slight_smile:

The first line show read “Welcome to the Fabulouse Volkswagen Factory”, not the “Chocolate Factory” LOL That another one… Mr Wompa is in the house!

Take care my friends,

Ricardo Garcês


From the posted article:

Luis Carone brought some references from the animated film ‘Robots’ by Blue Sky Studios. That was one of the first references in terms of look, shading, mood, (without the rusty parts of course). The main breakthrough was made with the Big Weld Factory in mind.


Hey all,

This is really nice work, but it does remind me of a Michelin campaign that was done for the Superbowl last year.

have a look here:

Once ‘inside’ head to the ‘lounge’ (the red icon) and you’ll be able to see the commercial.

Also the web page design & everything is also similar to the VW spot.

Again, not to take anything away from the great work that the guys did on this, but it is kinda similar in my opinion.





Hi Crisb. We saw these Michelin Ads Last Week. :slight_smile:

  Is really a bit similar. :) I liked the overall Michelin Ad and some shots are cool, some things reminds our VW job for sure. But, We'd just posted all our inpirations for our production and pre-production here, and in another previous post, and there's nothing related to that Michelin Ad among our refecences. We never saw that before our job.

But you are pretty right, it’s kinda of similar, with less characters, without real people acting on the main focus, but it’s a factory on the middle of woods and some indoor reminds our factory, but it’s not “our” faul, it was just a coincidence.

  The next 3 movies goes more away from this similarity showing more characters and situations. unfortunatelly we can't post then right now. :)


Finally the other 3 VolksWagen Animated Ads are ONLINE ! :) 

    Take a look at the movie at Carone's Personal WebSite(Luis Carone is the Director of these Ads) : 

  All these 3 new Movies are done at the time of this article, but we are not allowed to post it until now. :) 

   You can download the [b]HD version[/b] here :


very nice stuff. Cogratulations to everyone at Seaguls.