Sea Rising, Blaz Porenta (2D)


Title: Sea Rising
Name: Blaz Porenta
Country: Slovenia
Software: Photoshop

This is my latest piece… Painted just for fun, showing somekind of invasion of the sea creatures, coming out of the cloudy mess.
I hope u like it, and here’s some details from this pic.


Really nice image; no crits that I can see. :thumbsup:


Nice! I think the effect of the scene will work better if the tortoises’ heads are actually looking down towards the pathetic things below that they are about to crush. :slight_smile:

Maybe the fog in the formemost foreground is not working so well because I have to think whether or not its a fog or the mountains are partially submerged in water.

Overall its a great exploration of ideas!


Stunning! Beautiful composition and colors. I think jeromoo raises some interesting points, especially about the heads, but all in all, it’s an extremely well-done piece.


Amazing sense of scale. I would have liked to have seen a little more variation in the cloud depth, but otherwise its great. :thumbsup:


5 stars! Excellent image;)


I was knocked from my chair and blown 5 meteres away !!..5 stars all the way !


holy crap. i love it. so much intensity and pure power come blasting out of this piece as surely as any wave. really well done. absolutely no crits as this piece is trule spectacular except that I think the wave and the way the two headed turtle is part of- above the wave could do with some…merging a bit more. im just not sure with the shape of the wave and the area that the turtle is part of are the same thing. is it a cloud that the turtle is in or still the wave? anyway. 5 stars… 5 stars


Blaz, this is absolutely stunning work! The action conveyed is mind boggling…and I love the concept of the ‘larger-than-life’ sea turtle (two headed, no less!)! I’ve featured this on the front page of CGTalk. Please consider submitting this for EXPOSE’ 3!




this reminds me of some of the stunning artist from magic the gathering illustrations… i cant remember witch artist exactly but there were many talented ones with simular style as this illustration. great work.


Wow, excellent work! thunderously epic, and really beautiful at the same time! :applause:


umm…I just want to say I really can’t get enough of this pic…can’t stop gazing at it…truly a masterpiece…haven’t seen anything like this for a very long time !! :thumbsup:


well done man, this is cool. :slight_smile:


yea great work, dude :bounce:


Hey NinjaASSN, it’s incredible, I absolutely love it! :eek:


this is amazing :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:


bravo nasi. !


Holy figs! That’s bloody amazing!

Great work man! :eek:


gotta say more… yea the action and power of that pic is just awesome…crushing is
a good word for it and what’s with those white flags ?they waving for would
be rescuers or for the turtles ? :smiley:


man i was so hoping that would be 3d, great work tho