Sea Life, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: Sea Life
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Here’s a new painting I did called ‘Sea Life’
I took a while to do it in between my day work. I hope you like it. Cartoonier than my last painting “Flying High”.

How many sea creatures can you see?



Great work as usual !
I saw 32 creatures in the picture, and 5 stars for you :slight_smile:


i have to agree and got 2 thumbs up :wink:


Amazing work as usual :slight_smile:


Great as always!


Amazing work, as allways. I can count 36 creatures. Am I right? :smiley:


Beautiful eyes. I love them!


I can’t see spongebob


Great picture! great render!

its always a pleasure and inspiring to look at your pieces, your level of exploration of your own creatures world never cease to amaze, i´m always curious of what follows, you´re unstoppable mate!




Love your imagination man =P

Da critter master!


I really want some of the mushrooms you eat … :smiley:

I don’t know what to said … It’s amazing, as always.
I love the eyes of the monster … He’s so cute ^^


i count around about fifty creatures (including the dark spots in the background). :slight_smile: i also discovered five starfishes, here you are!


LOL very cute expression on the main character

Such adorable work!! :love::love:

  • Ty


Ha…Ha…! Great work, Love the muted colors which allow the eyes to pop! Good job!


hahaha top notch as usual :slight_smile:
This one really make me laugh.


absolutely wonderful!!!

i love those little fish:p


Amazing as always!
Eliseo Santos: Illustrations


Well done Bobby! I like this one very much, the creature reminds me old Godzilla, don´t know why, maybe because green skin :smiley: Also I love background details, there catch my eyes most the yellow little fishy, very cute :D, congratz again man


wow~another fantastic creatrue~
always looking forward to see your amazing jobs~
best wishes^^


great work as always, hope to see more