[SDK] Why there are no sdk training videos?


I have been wanting to learn the 3dsmax sdk for a long time but each time i tried i got discourage by the lack of information and just the difficulty of the sdk.

I know there are 2 sets of videos from autodesk (3ds Max SDK Training Webcasts) and (DevTV: Intro to 3ds Max SDK) but still is not enough.

It would be awesome to have like a training series where you could build a shape plugin, an object plugin, a modifier, etc.

For example at udemy or any other site you can find training on any programming topic but for max sdk there is none.

Here at this forum are some very very knowledge people on the sdk, I was wondering why no one has made any training videos? I would sure buy them or subscribe to.

by the way i finally got started on the sdk and already have a plugin working with the help of this forum. :grinning:

but its just a hard sdk to learn.

Guillermo Leal


I really enjoyed your tutorial! What I’m after at the moment is how the atlassian-plugin.xml file works. I’m very new to web dev and maven and I’ve been assigned the task of learning a lot of this from scratch.
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