[SDK] Weird characters on different pc (picture attached)


I started to testing my plugin on different pc and I got this werid characters or no strings at all.
I tested it using 3ds max 2017-2020 but only on my pc and everything was ok, unfortunately on other pc every thing looks like in this attached picture… some string/unicode problem?


I have compiled a basic plugin direclty from 3ds Plugin Wizard, and I have similar results on different PC… maybe something with compiler settings?


I don’t know your MAX version but it’s more likely the ‘unicode’ issue.
Everywhere in your plugin code change TCHAR to MCHAR and TSTR to MSTR.
You can change it globally but you have to touch as I remember library Headers. Maybe someone else has a better solution, but try what I said first to be sure it’s the ‘unicode’.


did your compilation result directly into your plugins-folder or did you copy it there after build ?
there is a *.mui file built with each plugin - a resource dll for localization (that’s where all the strings used by the plugin are)
either copy that one to to its sub-folder in plugins
or better
disable building the mui-file, in “Configuration Properties - Build Events - Post-Build Event”, “Use in Build” to NO

localization was a bad idea for any software, not only max
makes more problems than it solves


Yes, now its working right - thank you very much for advice! :slight_smile:
I disabled building the mui file.


Hi, thanks for answer,
I tried @guruware solution and it helped, but I will keep in mind your solution too. :slight_smile:


Have the same problem, thanks for solution