SDK plugin type


Some one told me (I’ve never used the wizard (as I think it sucks the big one)). I do now agree.

Getting the sdk samples to compile in VS2013 has been a bit of a nightmare. But I’m slowly getting some to work.

I would like to change some of my scripts to C++. So I want to start really simple. I would like to make a UI with one button and when I push the button it would delete Face# 1 of my selected edit poly object.

What sort of plugin would this be? A Utility?


Almost all projects are not finding bmm.lib

1>------ Build started: Project: maxProject6, Configuration: Debug x64 ------
1>  maxProject6.cpp
1>  DllEntry.cpp
1>  c:\users\simon\documents\visual studio 2013\projects\maxproject6\maxproject6\dllentry.cpp(78): TODO: Perform initialization here.
1>  c:\users\simon\documents\visual studio 2013\projects\maxproject6\maxproject6\dllentry.cpp(87): TODO: Perform un-initialization here.
1>  c:\users\simon\documents\visual studio 2013\projects\maxproject6\maxproject6\maxproject6.cpp(130): TODO: React to the user interface commands.  A utility plug-in is controlled by the user from here.
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'bmm.lib'
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========


any mesh changing is best done in a Modifier. You probably need to check the project paths are ok for the linker

Project Properties::Linker::Additional Library Directories set to something like…
C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk<Your Max version>\maxsdk\lib make sure it’s set for all build types release/debug etc.


Thanks the linker fixes most of the projects.

There is not a lot of resources for the SDK out there.


it’s a steep learning curve for sure, wait till the horrors of mxs extension project any way some stuff here


That Linker tip helped a ton!! Everything has been compiling now.

I have a script that builds time lapes buildings but take 6 min a building. So C++ is now a must. It is 90% polyops.

If I wanted to make a UI would I look at .net with c++ or Visual C++?


doing the ui is the big drawback/time consuming part of the sdk… usual done from visual studio (starting in the resource editor :frowning: ) where rollout are just for all “intent and purposes” modeless dialog boxes.


Do you know why resource view is blank in 2015 visual studio, but shows dialogs in 2010 visual studio for the same project file?
vs2010 is a required version for 2014 max and I thought it should be ok to use newer versions of VS for development.
I keep two VS versions opened to work with UI at the moment. It would be nice to have it working in my default vs2015.